6 Ways herd monitoring technology can benefit you and your herd

Herd monitoring technology

Herd-monitoring technology has revolutionised the industry by providing additional insight and support for farmers across the nation.

Last year, Genus ABS’ released Ingenuity, a new herd-monitoring system, which operates by either a collar or pedometer.

This intelligent technology comprises the most modern and up-to-date tools to collect data on your cows health and well-being.

By continually monitoring the activity and behaviour of your herd, such as rumination and time spent lying down, Ingenuity can notify you whenever there is a health or heat alert in your herd.

1. Improve herd fertility

By identifying heat accurately, including ‘silent’ heats, you can optimise the chances of getting cows pregnant to improve the conception rate of your herd and make genetic progress.

2. Improve herd health

By monitoring your herds eating and rumination patterns, activity and behaviour, you can quickly detect health issues days before the symptoms are visible to the human eye. By doing this, you could decrease use of medication on your farm due to treating symptoms early and in turn, getting your cows back to full health and productivity sooner.

3. Improve cow comfort & wellbeing

Data collected by the Ingenuity system will help you to make changes to your housing, handling, nutrition, activity and cow comfort so you can minimise any potential effects of stress.

4. Improve labour efficiency

The amount of time spent checking for heats and herd health or  searching for cows can take up a lot of your labour resources. With smart technology, you can concentrate your resources on the cows that require attention, allowing you time to focus on other areas of the farm business. Ingenuity offers unique features such as cow locator LED lights, which can help you to locate your animals with ease and save you time.

5. Improve herd management decisions

With Ingenuity, you can track real-time data and alerts for your animals on your phone via the Ingenuity app, making it easier than ever to monitor your herd. Whether you require information on an individual cow, or a group, you can get the data you need at any time from anywhere in the world.

6. Improve your own work/life balance

Herd-monitoring solutions, such as Ingenuity, act as a 24/7 herdsperson, allowing you to feel confident when away from the farm. With Ingenuity you can head home earlier, spend time with your family, and be alerted whenever there is an issue or heat alert.

Interpreting data from herd-monitoring technology can be tricky. That’s why we at Genus ABS have a team of people ready to help you, whenever you need it. We’ll be there to set it all up, teach you how to use it and show you how to interpret data. There are no other herd-monitoring solutions available on the market which offer the continue back-up and support from expert specialists.

Invest in Ingenuity today. Visit our website to learn more, our contact your local Genus ABS representative today.

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