Cutting silage in changing weather conditions

Machinery cutting grass for silage

The weather this May has been a challenge for many farmers, with some not able to cut their grass for silage until just this week.

The beginning of the month consisted of some extreme rain preventing the start of cutting season for many until now.

Now we are able to begin cutting, many people are working around the clock to combat the workload they missed earlier in the month.

The risks of cutting grass after rain

With the harsh weather conditions waterlogging so many fields this month, it is important to take precautions when beginning your first cuts.

Despite the lovely, warm weather we are having now, there is a chance that the ground in your field is still soft, which presents risks.

If the ground is still soft, the heavy machinery you use to cut, ted or row-up the grass will likely sink into the ground.

When this happens, you risk contaminating the grass with soil. This is a problem because that soil is full of bacteria which is not helpful during the silage making process, and will likely be detrimental to the quality of your silage.

More grass than expected?

If you had planned to cut your grass at the start of May, like many farmers had, you may find that you have a much higher yield of grass to cut. Many have seen additional yields of more than an extra 20%.

Whilst you may have more than expected, there is a chance that this grass is of a slightly lower quality and may be more stalky.

If this is the case, you will need to work hard to ensure this grass is better compacted once placed into the silage clamp.

Farmers who use silage additives will also need to ensure they have enough additive to cover a higher yield of grass than expected.

Using a silage additive will guarantee you a better silage quality, and is a great tool to use when you are at risk of having contaminated silage.

If you find yourself needing more silage additive, contact your local Genus ABS representative today. They will make sure you have more as soon as possible.

To find out more about Genus ABS’ silage additives, visit our website or give your local representative a call today.

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