#LendaHand: Keeping active

#LendaHand - Keeping Active

Genus ABS have partnered with #LendaHand to support our customers and farming friends with their mental health.

Working in the agriculture industry can be very physically demanding, but conducting other types of exercise or activity can be extremely beneficial to your mental health.

Whether it’s taking your dog out for a leisurely walk around the park, playing football with your mates or working out in the gym, activity outside of work is good for you.

Or perhaps having such a hands-on job means you wish for something more relaxed. Yoga for example not only helps strengthen and tone, but it also helps us to breathe properly. Local classes are often available.

If you’re physically exhausted, why not try something that is less about physicality and more about concentration?

Craft projects or practising music can help us to regulate our breathing and can provide a welcome distraction from the constant stream of thoughts running through our brains.

Genus ABS has partnered with the following charities designed to support you…

  • The Farming Community Network (FCN) was made to support farmers and families within the community through hard times.
  • RSABI works to help people in the Scottish agricultural industry by providing emotional and financial support.
  • PIPS is a charity designed to support those who have (or have had in the past) suicidal thoughts. As well as families and friends who have been affected by it.

To learn more about #LendaHand and the charities designed to help you, please visit our website.

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