Success with Breeder Tag System

Messrs J S & A M Nicholls

Cornwall, United Kingdom

Herd Type

Autumn Block Calving

Herd Size


“The Breeder Tag System was put in for the 2018\19 breeding season and we have been getting on well with it.  I was sceptical at first about how well it would work, but soon gained trust in the system.  It has picked up on cows that we have not seen, it is like having eyes on the cows 24\7.  We have always used the Genus ABS AI service and this year we have over 40 pregnancy’s to Sexcel®, enabling us to use more beef. The Breeder Tag System has helped us tighten the block by six weeks.  I was apprehensive about understanding the results on the computer but I find the Breeder Tag System easy to use and understand and I would not hesitate to recommend the system to anyone.”

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