Breeder Tag System

Maximise your herd’s productivity

When resources are under pressure, monitoring the health and fertility of your herd can often be a challenge. The impact of this – such as fewer pregnancies and increased health issues – can be significant.

Our herd monitoring system can maximise your herd’s efficiency and help you towards a more profitable business.

The Breeder Tag System is a combination of long-range pedometer technology, technical support and genetic progress. Our system monitors critical events of cow behaviour in real-time – from fertility events such as heat expression, through to health and welfare.

Data is transmitted every 15 minutes, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

See Breeder Tag in action

Watch the videos below to see the Breeder Tag System and Feedface in action, and hear feedback from farms that are currently reaping the benefits.

Learn about Breeder Tag System and Feed Face

There are currently over 30,000 cows benefitting from Breeder Tag System throughout the UK!

97% accurate heat detection

Using the latest long-range pedometer technology to ensure heats are identified and eligible cows are inseminated in a timely manner, we can tell you when your animals started, peaked and finished a heat, resulting in more pregnancies, and less opportunities lost. With 97% accuracy it means one less thing to have to worry about!

Identify health and welfare issues early

Breeder Tag System monitors your cows behaviour, identifying early critical indicators of health and welfare issues to allow you to intervene – avoiding a loss in productivity and fertility.

Breeder Tag System gives you a very accurate picture of how long your cows lie down for, why it’s so important for cow comfort and milk production, along with highlighting disease through changes in animal behaviour.

“We use the Genus ABS Breeder Tag System for our heat detection and health & feed monitoring. The system allows us to meet the cows potential, making the herd more efficient. We are restricted by the farm infrastructure, but the Breeder Tag System ensures we still get the best from the cows, even with current constraints. Using the Feed Face system, we recently changed the ration of feed and immediately saw a change in feed pattern at the Feed Face”

tom carr – 130 cows

Improve Labour Efficiency

The Breeder Tag System sends alerts straight to your phone, tablet or computer and is also available on an App, so you can keep an eye on your cows behaviours 24/7, 365 days a year. The easy-to-use system reduces time and labour associated with visual heat detection, allowing more time for other management activities and increasing efficiencies on farm.

Feed Face: Monitor your cows’ eating behaviours

Breeder Tag System also offers an additional Feed Face function to monitor your cows’ eating behaviours at the feed bunk. Feed Face will let you know how many visits your cows made, and how long they fed for at the feed bunk. This allows you to make any necessary adjustments to ensure all cows have adequate time feeding.

“We use the intake alerts to identify transition cows which have a reduced number of visits to the feed face and then we treat each individual cow accordingly. The Genus ABS Feed Face system allows us to monitor cow behaviour at the feed fence to optimise our investments in buildings and infrastructure. The system gives us a high level of assurance that our dairy farming system is not “broken” even though we are challenging our system to deliver the best return on investment it can achieve”.


The importance of feed duration

Increasing feed duration is proven to increase milk yield and component production, helping to improve fertility and increase the immune system in the Transition period.

This reduces disease in the first 30 days of milk. This will also allow you to be even more proactive, and less reactive to problems. By monitoring your cows behaviour through the dry period you can predict where problems may occur in the fresh period.

“The big advantage with breeder tag was the Feed Face technology that came with it. It’s the thing that Breeder Tag System has got that the others haven’t got, and it was quite critical to our cows.”

Tim Sinnot, Ivy Farm

The unrivalled benefits

  • Continuous, real-time heat detection and health monitoring using long-range pedometer based technology
  • Long range capability of up to 10km
  • Proven 97% heat detection accuracy
  • Keep an eye on your herd on and off farm with our NEW App
  • Compatible with various software programs and major parlour systems in the UK
  • Monitor feed duration and intakes with Feed face technology

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