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Valiant Foam-Ultra

Valiant Foam-Ultra is a pre dipping udder care product designed to be used before milking, it’s foaming action cleans more effectively than a liquid, providing a superior standard of pre-cleansing.

Micro-bubbling foam action.

  • This special foaming action gets into all the nooks and crannies on the skin surface, removing and attacking bacteria.
  • The adhesiveness of Foam-Ultra helps it to cling to teats as soon as it’s applied, getting to work straight away.
  • A unique three step skin conditioning system leaves teats soft, smooth and ready to be milked.

Special chlorine dioxide.

Valiant Foam-Ultra uses a specially engineered Chlorine Dioxide which is resistant to air injection to disinfect the teat. This Chlorine Dioxide is created by mixing 500ml of ‘catalyst’ with the 20 litres of ‘base’. This results in the only Chlorine Dioxide udder care product specifically designed to be foamed, and once it’s mixed it’s ready to use for the next 21 days!

  1. Provides a broad spectrum anti-bacterial action, even when contaminated with 20% organic matter, such as muck, milk or soil, Valiant Foam-Ultra’s anti-bacterial capacity remains intact.
  2. During the 30 seconds that Valiant Foam-Ultra is in contact with the teat, micro-bubbles burst, continually replenishing the Chlorine Dioxide with its’ anti-bacterial quality.

Valiant Foam-Ultra is available in 20 and 200 litre containers. It’s the ultimate purpose-built product for pre-milking teat disinfection and cleaning.

Valiant Foam-Ultra Wipes

What are they?

A new unique wipe designed to be used before milking, Valiant Foam-Ultra wipes are based on the popular Valiant Foam-Ultra udder care product from Genus ABS. These foaming wipes are a convenient one-step prep, providing a superior standard of pre-cleansing.

How do they work?

Valiant Foam-Ultra uses a specially formulated combination of active ingredients, resulting in a highly effective anti-bacterial foaming disinfectant. We have developed these new wipes as part of our on-going commitment to innovation and investment and from listening to our customers needs.

The broad spectrum anti-bacterial action of the wipes remains intact, even when contaminated with 10% organic matter, such as muck, milk or soil. They have been proven in scientific laboratory trials to be superior to other leading teat wipe products currently available.

How to use

  1. The solution is to be activated by adding the catalyst into a drum of Valiant Foam-Ultra.
  2. The roll of wipes is then placed into the bucket provided and soaked for a minimum of 10 minutes with the activated Valiant Foam-Ultra.
  3. The wipes are then ready to use. It is essential that one wipe per cow is used to avoid cross contamination.
  4. The activated solution should be used within 14 days

A refill pack of Valiant Foam-Ultra wipes includes one x 20 litre Valiant Foam Ultra kit and one x 6 pack of rolls with each roll being 800 wipes (4800 wipes per pack).

Sanisafe3 RTU Teat Wipes

Ready-to-use sanitising teat wipes

  • One per cow teat wipes with generous size and thickness.
  • Disinfects and cleans teats.
  • Strong and absorbent.
  • Available in:
    • 700 wipes per bucket
    • 3 x 700 wipe refill packs (2100 wipes per box)

Paper towels

  • Available in 3 ply packs of six rolls.


Valiant Barrier & Valiant Versatile

Valiant Barrier and Valiant Versatile are premium udder care products which contain a unique and highly effective combination of anti-bacterial agents, providing up to nine hours of protection for your cows.

Both are designed to be used after milking. Valiant Versatile has all of the chemical properties of Barrier without the physical barrier. This means Valiant Versatile can be sprayed or dipped post milking and so it fits almost every system and farm without compromising anti-bacterial efficacy. Both Barrier & Versatile are vibrant green in colour and therefore easy to see on cows teats.

High level prolonged kill

The unique combination of Chlorine Dioxide and a blended Lactic Acid System (LAS) give both an aggressive instant kill and then a prolonged high level killing action.

Variable viscosity and capillary action

In addition to the two antibacterial agents, Barrier puts a robust but flexible physical coating over the teat.

  1. Variable viscosity enables it to flow like a liquid then cling like a syrup.
  2. Thinning while it travels over the teat surface, it gets into all the nooks and crannies leaving bacteria nowhere to hide.
  3. Thickening as soon as the cup is withdrawn, it results in better coverage and less waste.
  4. When teats are dipped within 30 seconds of the cluster being removed, superb capillary action can draw the dip 10mm up into the teat end, providing a chemical and physical protection.
  5. Teats are left smooth and supple, with less contours to harbour harmful bacteria.

Valiant Barrier is available in 20 and 200 litres.

Valiant Versatile is available in 20, 200 and 1000 litres.

Once 20 litres of Valiant Barrier or Versatile Base is combined with 0.5 litre of Valiant Catalyst the solution is active for 14 days.

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Autumn 2023

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