St Jacobs and Genus ABS – 5 bulls to improve your herd performance

Herd performance is the number one concern on every dairy breeders mind right now. Finding ways to maximise the profit centres (lb milk production, number of lactations, fertility rates, ease of calving) and minimise the costs (health and reproductive issues, polling, feed inefficiencies, space management and poor production).

St Jacobs empowers breeders to create superior herds by providing top genetics from standout cow families that deliver results time and time again. They do this through their 5 programmes:

St Jacobs Choice

This is a fusion of what began as the Judge’s Choice and Breeder’s Choice programmes. Now it brings the very best in type. These are traditional black and white cows, from lineages that have proved to be favourites with breeders, including Showtime, Radio & Dream Big.

Jersey Choice

The Jersey Choice programme brings breeder’s sires from the most well-known names in the Jersey breed. The aim is to bring one new Jersey every 12-18 months.

Red and White Choice

St Jacobs is building up their Red and White offering with a new sire every 18-24 months from the most elite Red and White cow families. These bulls mix the best of today’s Black and White genetics into the Red and White population by selecting bulls backed by pedigrees that contain show-winning dams and outstanding sires.

Component Collection

Component Collection sires are those from the Brown Swiss, Ayrshire, and Guernsey breeds, selected from their most elite genetic lines, and provided through St Jacobs/ABS

Linear Choice

Linear Choice is a unique offering for St Jacobs and Genus ABS. These sires are a response to our customers asking for balanced cows; each sire will produce a well-built, productive, and healthy dairy cow. Linear Choice sires produce right hand linear, medium size offspring, with correct rumps, legs and teat size and placement. They’re bred specifically to ensure they have no bad health traits and no haplotypes. They boast a calving ease of 2.5 or better, and a cell count under 2.9

Within these five programmes, St Jacobs are bringing breeders reliable new bulls that have a proven track record of success in improving herd performance.

Here are the top five new bulls being presented by St Jacobs:


Dreambig has been the highest seller for two years, which is understandable considering it’s exemplary performance:

+827lb milk with positive components

Sire Calving Ease (SCE) is at 2.2 and good fertility rate.

Balance profile: right hand linear – no high pins, no straight legs, no short teats

Calves – healthy, aggressive, vigorous calves that do well for their breeders

PTAT 2.96

UDC 2.02

FLC  1.43

CFP  114

ST vs SR 1.32


Showtime is the only son of Shakira available in Artificial Insemination.

He shows huge components and high fertility rate. Consistently pulls pins down, moves hurls ahead, and has great pin width.

15-20 daughters have been really consistent, and long framed.

PTAT 2.75

UDC 1.90

FLC  1.71

CFP  96

ST vs SR 0.94


Summerfest is one of the most consistent bulls on the market.

Balanced profile

500lb milk

Good calving ease at 2.5

PTAT 2.86

UDC 2.26

FLC  1.72

CFP  96


Rolex is a fantastic performer, +900lb milk with positive components

No bad health traits, no high pins, straight legs or short teat issues.

Under 3 for stature

Ideal robot teat placement

PTAT 2.81

UDC 2.40

FLC  0.82

CFP  91

ST vs SR 1.38


Merlin was bred in Wisconsin and sired by Excalibur. He’s a balanced sire with width and depth, as well as good milk production at 512lb.

PTAT 3.47

UDC 2.44

FLC  2.11

CFP 123

ST vs SR 1.45

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