Selecting the best females in your herd to breed better future herd replacements is often a guessing-game, one that is both time-consuming and difficult.

What is the solution?

GENEadvance® helps to identify the genetic potential of heifers at a very young age, by combining the knowledge of our experts and the latest in genomic technology, enabling your herd to be ranked on what is important to you.

This technology is much more accurate than simply reviewing the pedigree or parentage of the females in the herd.

Farmer stroking calf

Once you have ranked your herd in accordance with what matters to you most, you can begin breeding your herd to the relevant genetics, which will ultimately maximise your profit potential.

Your top performing animals should be bred to Sexcel®, Genus ABS’ sexed semen, while your weaker cows are to be inseminated with Beef InFocus™ semen, to produce high-value beef calves.

This is what we call, the Winning Game Plan.

The idea behind GENEadvance® is to accelerate the genetic improvement of your herd to deliver better future herd performance.

Don’t take it from us, listen to what our customers have to say…

Iain McGeoch, Herd Manager at Bower Park Farm in Kent, runs a 400 Holstein cow herd, with plans to expand to around 1000 cows soon.

Photo of Iain McGeoch

When asked about GENEadvance®, Mr McGeoch said: “Whatever you do in a farm business, you need a plan, it’s the same for breeding. With GENEadvance®, you get a plan that clearly shows which sire to use on which cow, it’s really important to stick to this plan to get the outcome that Genus ABS predict.

“I think analysing individual sire’s pedigrees and data isn’t a very good use of my time, there is a better way to make breeding decisions and achieve your genetic goals now. I trust Genus ABS to do the right thing – they are the experts.

“They understand our goals for the herd and will help us to achieve them. The whole service is measurable too, you can predict the genetic improvement and they can demonstrate the progress you have made with the breeding decisions made differently based on the genomic testing results. I wouldn’t know what to do without GENEadvance® now.”

To find out more about GENEadvance®, visit our website.

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