How to boost the genetic progress of your herd

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When it comes making improvements on your farm, one of the most important factors to consider is the genetic progress of your herd.

Where there are improvements being made, profit typically follows. For that reason it is important to be making continuous efforts to better your animals.

As a farmer with goals and ambitions for your herd; whether that’s increasing milk yield, or aiding the health of your cows, incorporating the right genetics into your overall breeding strategy is the perfect place to start.

By having a carefully thought-out breeding strategy you can ensure you are breeding your animals with the traits that matter most to you, suit your system and your business goals.

If you are a dairy farmer wanting to generate more profit from your business, consider following a Winning Game Plan approach, with GENEadvance®.

Our Winning Game Plan involves breeding your best-performing animals with sexed genetics, Sexcel®. Your lower-performing animals should be bred to beef, NuEra Beef Genetics to create the best beef calf cash crops. This strategy is guaranteed to boost your genetic progress.

When used in conjunction with GENEadvance®, our genetic improvement package, genetic progress amongst your herd will be accelerated even further.

GENEadvance® includes genomic testing, a genetic breeding plan and advice from our genetic specialists.

When operating on a GENEadvance® contract, you will have access to our most elite genetics.

How a sexed and beef strategy could help you

When breeding your animals, it is important to fully understand the genetic potential of your herd. For this reason, genomic testing can be particularly helpful.

By genomic testing the animals in your herd, you will have an accurate set of data which will clearly outline your animals with the best potential, from a very young age.

Analysing genomic data can be difficult, that’s why our GENEadvance® specialists are always available to support you. Once your herd has been genomic tested, our experts will help you to outline your breeding goals, identify your best performing animals from the genomic data, and assist you in selecting the perfect sires to breed from in your personalised breeding plan.

Once you have identified your top-performing females, we recommend breeding them with Sexcel®, sexed genetics.

In order for you to boost the genetic progress of your herd, you want to seek improvement from your most elite animals, rather than trying to better your under-performing ones.

Sexcel® is the most fertile sexed product available due to being powered by Intelligen and is guaranteed to improve the genetics of your herd, offering some of the best genetics available on the market.

For your lower-performing animals, breed them with NuEra Beef Genetics. Our Beef Sires offer proven performance on dairy cows for calving ease, calf quality, gestation length and calf survivability.

Not only that, NuEra Beef Genetics calves have quick growth rates and are highly marketable, generating more profit every time.

By utilising a sexed and beef strategy, you will be driving genetic progress from your best animals, and exceeding profit expectations from your under-performing cows, it’s the perfect combination.

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