60/40 Synch

Today, you don’t have to choose between maternal or terminal in your breeding program.

There is a fork in the road for beef producers, and you have the opportunity with today’s genetics, tools, and technology to choose either direction or take both at the same time. This allows you to be more precise in your genetic selection to optimize your breeding program.  

Think of the fork as a contrast in genetics that maximizes carcass and feedlot performance as opposed to genetics that boost profitability and maternal efficiency on farms and ranches. While choosing the breed “down the middle” continues to be successful for some producers, you could be sacrificing maternal or terminal traits by not embracing diverging paths.  

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In the past, a bull had to do everything well, from pasture to plate. These days, you can be more precise in your breeding strategy to produce maternally efficient replacement females and profitable feeder cattle thanks to tools like sexed semen and fixed-time A.I. Embracing the "Fork in the Road" could be the key to maximizing profitability, regardless of whether you are concerned about efficiency, sustainability, or making the most of the resources you have available. The best part is that with a breeding strategy, like Sexcel 60/40 Synch, you can stop compromising.

Considerations to Maintain a Cow Herd

  • Cow size
  • Feed intake
  • Fertility
  • Longevity
  • Maternal calving ease
  • Convenience traits
  • Milk

Expectations of the Beef Supply Chain and Consumers

  • High-performing, healthy cattle
  • Feed efficiency
  • High-quality carcasses
  • Exceptional eating experience

You can take both forks, maternal and terminal, at the same time with Sexcel 60/40 Synch. With this breeding strategy, you can design replacement females out of the right cows with sexed semen while maximizing profitability on calves entering the beef supply chain. Create the right pregnancies for your goals with Sexcel and 60/40 Synch.

The Benefits of the Sexcel 60/40 Synch Strategy

  • Maximize the productivity and efficiency of your herd
  • Create replacements designed for maternal value from your early-calving cows
  • Build your best cowherd with maternal sires
  • Add more power, pounds, and terminal value to the portion of your calf crop headed into the beef supply chain
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Breaking Down 60/40 Synch  

The 60 in the Equation:  

Take advantage of the convenience of estrus synchronization protocols to identify your most fertile cows. Well-managed herds can expect more than 60% of the females to display estrus by the scheduled breeding time when utilizing the 7-day Co-synch + CIDR protocol.  

The 40 in the Equation:  

The remaining 40% of cows should be bred via timed AI to terminally oriented bulls. To reap the most benefit from the program, all females should be exposed to clean-up sires that excel for growth performance and endpoint value.  

The End Result:  

A calf crop composed of 30-35% designed, AI-sired replacement heifers and 65-70% high-value feeder calves.  

You no longer have to be indecisive about which path to take. You can take both with our help! Create the right pregnancies with the Sexcel 60/40 Synch strategy today by contacting your ABS Representative or providing us with some information below!