A Winning Game Plan Maximizes Profitability 

The right game plan always wins. Why should your genetic plan be an exception?

Dairy producers around the world are drafting their winning plan with ABS. Are you?

The widely accepted genetic management approach is a sexed and beef strategy. This includes optimizing heifer inventories with sexed semen and maximizing the return on the remaining pregnancies by using beef genetics. Being laser-focused on selecting the right genetics to deploy on the right females may be the missing component of your sexed and beef plan that is keeping you from winning.

But there is no need to fear! ABS Global’s Winning Game Plan has dairy producers around the world experiencing unbeatable, step-changing genetic progress and maximizing profitability from all females in the herd with Sexcel® and Beef InFocus strategy. This sexed and beef approach works like this: you hand-select the highest genetic quality females to create your next generation with sexed semen, then sort off the lower genetic quality animals to produce a high-value calf with the best beef genetics.

Four Steps to Your Winning Game Plan

  1. Identify the ideal cow for your operation and the future.
  2. Use ABS’ Custom Index to rank the females in your herd.
  3. Determine who will produce heifer replacements and breed them to Sexcel.
  4. Determine who will produce beef cross calves and breed them with to Beef InFocus.

Maximize the productivity, efficiency, and profitability of your entire herd by adopting the Winning Game Plan.

Sexcel®: The Industry’s Best Fertility Sexed Semen Product

We know genetic improvement is seen when a healthy heifer calf is born. The success of your sexed and beef strategy depends on a reliable sexed semen product. That’s why we developed Sexcel, the one result you can rely on, to get cows pregnant, fast forward genetic progress, produce ideal replacement heifers, and add additional profit opportunities.

Not to mention, Sexcel combines the most profitable ABS genetics with superior fertility, making it the "MVP" of sexed semen. Sexcel is your go-to tool for managing heifer inventory more effectively and accelerating genetic improvement.

Beef InFocus: Maximize Dairy and Beef Supply Chain Profitability 

Beef InFocus is beef on dairy, but not like you’ve seen before. To be successful when implementing a sexed and beef strategy, it is critical to maximize return on your lower genetic quality females within your herd. Our beef on dairy program delivers the best solution for those females. Beef InFocus provides you with reliable beef genetics that increase the value of your calf crops and improve efficiency within the beef supply chain.

When compared to other beef on dairy programs, Beef InFocus takes the top spot. And here’s how.

  1. Our beef genetics are bred by design.
  2. Our beef genetics are validated for dairy performance.
  3. Our beef genetics are intended for beef supply chain marketability.

Beef InFocus is your slam dunk for boosting profitability through optimizing returns on the remaining pregnancies in your sexed and beef breeding plan. This program allows you to create a differentiated, traceable, and premium beef cross calf that the beef supply chain is looking for.

A Sexed and Beef Strategy Proven to Win

Your game plan will determine whether you win or lose. So why not choose a Winning Game Plan that is proven to win? That’s why we encourage a Sexcel and Beef InFocus approach to ensure that your dairy has the best plan for sexed and beef genetics. To discuss your Winning Game Plan, fill out the form through the link below or get in touch with your ABS Genetic Advisor.