Beef InFocus®

Beef on Dairy. But Not Like You’ve Seen Before.

Beef on dairy is not new. In fact, it has become a common genetic management strategy for the dairy industry. As dairies zero in their genetic selection and increase their selection intensity, we see more beef cross calves created now than in the past. Using beef sires on high-producing but lower genetic-quality females has revolutionized the industry.  

It also means that more and more beef cross calves are coming onto the marketplace every day, which affects the beef supply chain. For a sexed and beef strategy to be successful, you need the right beef-on-dairy program to maximize your profitability from the beef cross calves you create.  Knowing this, ABS developed the industry’s only beef-on-dairy program proven for dairy performance but also has beef supply chain marketability. 

Beef InFocus®brings dairy producers proven and reliable beef genetics that maximize calf crop value and drive beef supply chain efficiency. The program is built on three foundational rules—bred by design, validated for dairy performance, and intended for beef supply chain marketability—that makes it unique compared to other beef-on-dairy programs. Find out why below!  

Beef InFocus: Proven Dairy Performance with Beef Supply Chain Marketability

Bred By Design 

The genetics within Beef InFocus are powered by ABS Global’s exclusive terminal beef genetic line, Nuera Genetics. To increase profitability through precise genetic selection, NuEra Genetics began in 2014 with a primary focus on terminal performance for dairy producers. The SimAngus hybrid line that makes up NuEra is designed as the ideal terminal solution for promoting sustainability, increasing production, and improving efficiency while meeting the needs of dairy producers in terms of fertility and calving. 

Beef InFocus sires are specifically selected for growth, feed intake, and carcass quality, but evaluated upon performance on dairy before entering the lineup.

Validated for Dairy Performance 

Genetics, fertility, and calving are the three trait categories that drive profitability for dairy producers. This is why before any sire is released into the Beef InFocus lineup, ABS measures their predicted performance compared to more than4 million fertility recordson over 1,000 farms and 1.6 million calving events to ensure they meet our program thresholds. Furthermore, we complete a phenotypic evaluation of frame and muscle score to determine which dam—Holstein, Jersey, or both—each graduate will complement most effectively. 

BeefAdvantage Index 

To simplify the process of choosing beef sires who won’t compromise reproduction in your dairy, we designed our BeefAdvantage Index which calculates our beef sires’ performance on dairy. We know conception rate, stillbirth, gestation length, and calving difficulty impact reproduction success which is why those events are included in our exclusive index.  

The index accesses the sires based on the previously mentioned traits and weights them based on the impact on potential profit for a point gained or lost on dairy. Trust our index to remove the guesswork of finding the right beef sires that won’t negatively impact reproduction success.  


Beef InFocus is the only beef-on-dairy program that tests and hand-picks bulls based on dairy performance. Our entire lineup has been proven to perform on dairies, so you can assure consistent performance.

Intended for Beef Supply Chain Marketability 

Beef InFocus begins with the end in mind when it comes to our beef genetics. We want to assist our customers in increasing the terminal value of their beef cross calves. Beef supply chain networks recognize the value of Beef InFocus-sired beef cross calves because of the strong emphasis on terminal traits in our genetics. Beef InFocus is your opportunity to create differentiated, traceable, and premium beef cross calves. 

Beef InFocus is the only program that provides dairies with full supply chain market access.

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Beef InFocus is the premier beef-on-dairy program designed specifically for dairy producers looking to make the best beef cross calves. Let us assist you in generating more valuable beef cross calves without impacting the foundation of your dairy. Contact your ABS Genetic Advisor or complete the form below to learn more.