The Industry’s Best Fertility Sexed Semen

Fast Forward Your Genetic Progress with Sexcel® 

To enhance product performance for our customers, we have combined the most profitable ABS genetics with superior fertility and the most innovative sexed semen technology. We realize that a unit of sexed semen brings no real value to a producer unless it results in a cow becoming pregnant with a female calf. Genetic improvement cannot be seen until a healthy heifer is born. That's where the real value lies. Sexcel is the one result you can count on to get cows pregnant, fast forward genetic progress, produce ideal replacement heifers, and add additional profit opportunities.

Sexcel is produced using cutting-edge laser technology that destroys the unwanted female or male sperm cells, depending on what the desired sex is. Compared to male sperm cells, female sperm cells have roughly 4% more DNA. This variation in DNA content is detected by our technology, which helps us identify which sperm cells to destroy and which to save.

With a high probability of success, Sexcel is setting the new standard for sexed semen. Sexcel achieves a 90% relative conception rate compared to conventional semen based on several million observations in our database.

Sexcel Benefits Your Dairy

In a world where more is better, why should your sexed genetics be any different? Sexcel is the one result you can rely on to get more. What does more look like?

Well with Sexcel, it looks like this.

  • Increase your herd size from within by creating more heifers.
  • Maintain your current herd size by managing your heifer inventories precisely.
  • Improve your herd's lifetime genetic value through genetically superior daughters.
  • Experience a boost in milk production from the positive impact of a female calf’s gestation.
  • Add more profit sources to your dairy.
  • Reduce the risk of Dystocia within your herd.
  • Maximize profitability through increased production from more efficient, healthier genetics.

Reliable product performance is key to the success of a dairy. High fertility sexed semen leads to more pregnancies, better performance, faster genetic progress, and increased profit.  

Sexcel is the industry's best sexed genetics, so you know it’s a product to help you create the right type of cow for your business, generate the proper number of replacement heifers, achieve high levels of reproductive performance, and maximize revenue from additional profit sources. When you combine your best females with the best sexed genetics, you will see more production and higher, faster returns.  

Make the Best Beef Replacement Heifers with Sexcel 

With Sexcel®, beef producers can deliberately choose sires with excellent maternal qualities and produce superior replacement heifers. You can choose sires based on traits related to longevity, maintenance costs, milk production, and fertility. 



Combining female-sexed semen, estrus synchronization, and breeding strategies like Sexcel 60/40 Synch allows more replacement female calves to be born at the beginning of the calving season. These replacement heifers are then not only genetically superior for maternal traits but are also older by the start of their first breeding season, which increases their longevity in the herd.  

A list of recommended estrus synchronization protocols for sexed semen is available from the Beef Reproduction Task Force and can help producers minimize differences in fertility between sexed and conventional semen.  

Quality Counts 

Even though there are many unknowns when working with biology, we aim to provide a product you can be very confident in. Our product's performance on your dairy is of the utmost importance to us. To guarantee you have a product you can rely on, it goes through a strict process that involves numerous quality control steps. 

Our process includes a pre-sexing quality control step where the ejaculate is confirmed to be a sample of high enough quality to run on our machines. If an ejaculate DOES NOT PASS ONE of our incoming quality parameters, it will not be allowed to proceed on the instruments. We also include a post-sexing quality control step at the end of the process to ensure the product meets our rigorous standards. Any batch that DOES NOT MEET ALL the quality control criteria is destroyed.   

We know you have many things to worry about it comes to when running your operation. Our product's performance and quality shouldn't be among them. Our objective is to create a sexed product you can rely on each and every time. 

Sexcel gives you the power to confidently make your replacement heifers from your best cows.

You can rely on Sexcel to assist you in creating the best cows for your operation, producing the optimal number of replacement heifers, increasing profitability, and achieving superior reproductive performance. With the industry’s best fertility sexed semen product on the market, you can fast-track your genetic progress and create your ideal replacement heifers! 

Put Sexcel to work in your herd by contacting your local ABS Representative or completing the form found through the link below.  

Sexcel® Sexed Genetics is powered by IntelliGen Technologies.