NuEra Genetics®

The beef supply chain is searching for a consistent supply of healthy, predictable, and profitable animals because the demand for high-quality beef is growing as a key animal protein source. Beef finds its way to consumers’ plates more frequently today.  

How does this impact you as a producer?  

You get paid based on the performance of the animals you create—regardless of whether you are a dairy selling beef cross calves or a beef producer. The beef supply chain wants to fill feedyards and plants with profitable and sustainable animals. Thus, producing high-quality animals that perform consistently is key to your success. 

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How Can ABS Global Assist You? 

From the producer to the processor, genetics are a key factor in producing valuable animals for the beef supply chain. Thus, coupling a custom-fit genetic plan with climate-smart beef genetics specifically designed to meet your goals is key to ensuring you get the value created with these high-quality animals. This is where ABS can support you in achieving your goals. 

The Inception of NuEra Genetics® 

NuEra Genetics ®was created in 2014 as ABS foresaw the beef supply chain’s need of high-quality beef animals. This program symbolizes the next chapter in the history of ABS beef genetics: in short, a distinctive new era of ABS beef genetic improvement. NuEra Genetics is an exclusive climate-smart beef genetic program focused on the needs of producers and the entire beef supply chain by providing top-performing terminal beef genetics.  

This program utilizes all proprietary ABS beef breeding programs, evaluations, and indexes. It was developed to improve profitability through focused terminal genetic selection. The sires within NuEra Genetics are a SimAngus hybrid composite selected specifically for growth, feed efficiency, and carcass merit—all traits important to the beef supply chain.  

NuEra Genetics serves as an ideal terminal solution by maximizing productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.

Foundation of NuEra Genetics® 

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With NuEra Genetics, we strive to: 

  • Provide differentiated and custom-fit beef genetics that offers unique genetic solutions for the needs of our customers
  • Drive genetic progress and profit faster through robust genetic improvement
  • Provide predictable performance by creating a more consistent product for the beef supply chain
  • Produce more value for the entire supply chain
  • Improve production efficiencies by reducing production costs, thereby adding profitability and increasing sustainability

The Impact Globally

Over 45 cows worldwide are bred to ABS genetics every minute of every day. As a result, 8 million dairy and beef calves are born each year, producing 140 million tons of lifetime milk and 2.6 million tons of beef globally.

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Sustainability with NuEra Genetics® 

We know that sustainability is a huge global initiative and continues to be a common conversation around the world. It is important to know that a more sustainable future starts with productive and efficient genetics. Within the three key pillars of sustainability, NuEra Genetics specifically targets each area: economics, social, and environment.   

NuEra Genetics® Works for Dairies via Beef InFocus 

As you are aware, the adoption of beef in dairy has become a standard genetic management strategy. For dairy farmers seeking to add value with NuEra Genetics, take a look at our Beef InFocus program, which provides dairy farmers with proven and reliable beef genetics to maximize the value of their calf crops while boosting the efficiency of the beef supply chain. 

NuEra Genetics® Differentiates Beef Producers 

NuEra Genetics offers you the ideal opportunity to create cattle genetically designed for end-point profitability. As a beef producer, this allows you to stand out in the marketplace as you deliver top-performing, terminally-oriented calves. With NuEra Genetics and Sexcel through ABS you can generate cattle proven to perform and impact your bottom line.  

NuEra Genetics is your go-to source for producing animals highly valued by the beef supply chain because the sires are bred with profitability, efficiency, and sustainability in mind. The consistent performance offered by NuEra Genetics will lead to increased profits in your calf checks or closeouts.  

Interested in utilizing NuEra Genetics to maximize terminal value in your operation? Contact your ABS Representative or complete the form below.