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ABS is the World Leader in Genetic Services. Your local ABS Representative is a full service supplier of genetics, synchronization protocols and advice, and breeding solutions. Let ABS help you implement an effective A.I. program that fits your operation and its needs.

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Profit in the Pasture:

Maternal Traits – Making   sure that the momma cow is productive and long lasting is a key to profitability in the beef business. Cows that calve easily, breed back, wean off a heavy calf and do it year after year will continue to be a key to staying profitable. Using not only phenotype but genotypic information to make sound decisions based on science ABS will continue to emphasize maternal genetics.

Functional Phenotype – Making cattle that will be functional and productive for many years is another goal of the ABS Global Beef Program. Through our GTS (Genetic Type Summary) and Australian Assessment programs producers get the only documented assessment of phenotype through progeny. These phenotypic descriptions allow ABS customers to best choose the sires that meet their goals and needs.

Crossbreeding – There is no denying that heterosis is a very beneficial tool for production agriculture. Through the use of composite breeds and structured crossbreeding programs producers can improve their bottom lines. A.I. is a technology that allows effective use of structured crossbreeding principles to be implemented. Producers have at their fingertips the best, well proven genetics of multiple breeds which can be used to design an effective long range plan.

Rock Solid AI Proven:

While A.I. provides easy access to all bulls whether they are new, unique or highly proven, the ultimate value of A.I. is delivering high accuracy sires with traits proven to positively affect profitability. ABS Strives to identify young bulls with multi-trait potential and then prove them as quickly as possible. 


Progeny Testing:

Genetic advancement through the use of structural progeny testing has been a cornerstone of the ABS Beef Program since the late 1960's. That emphasis continues and is strengthened today by programs such as the Angus Sire Alliances in the U.S., The Genus Beef Breeding Programme and others. The ability to use highly accurate, proven sires to the profitability of our customers as a risk management tool. The highest accuracy, highest genetic merit sires are available through ABS Global.