Beef Deferred Program

0% Financing
The Best Deal in the Industry

beef deffered program
  • Defer payment from September 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017 on orders of $600 or more
  • Only for DIRECT HERD BEEF CUSTOMERS who have good credit status are eligible for this program.
  • Sales of refrigerators and/or supplies do not qualify for this program
  • Orders can be deferred NO LATER THAN May 10, 2018. PLEASE NOTE:***If payment for the beef deferred balance is not received by May 10, 2018, interest will be imposed on the unpaid balance from the date of purchase at an APR of 15.00%***
  • Ask about our 3% cash discount in lieu of 0% financing ***Cash discounts apply to 29 stud code bulls only and payment by check or electronic check must be received within 10 days of order shipping.***
  • Contact Your Local Rep for Details

The Best Everyday Pricing in the Industry!

  • Simplified volume pricing
    • 50+ units = 10% discount*
    • 100+ units = 20% discount*
    • *short supply and outsources bulls may not be eligible for discount
  • Available on mainline ABS and ORIgen bulls
  • Mix and match any eligible to get the units

The Best Early Purchasing Opportunities in the Industry!

  • Purchase Early to get the best pricing of the season
  • Mix and match any special priced bulls to get the units
  • Ask your Representative for details