Increasing the profit from your beef animals comes from the genetic progress made over time. Accelerating genetic progress is guaranteed to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of your beef cross dairy animals. 

That is why we created the NuEra Profit™️ Index, to help beef farmers and dairy farmers, who finish their own beef, to select the best genetics, for the most profitable outcome. 

What is the NuEra Profit Index?

The NuEra Profit™️ Index is a unique index that evaluates progeny performance from finishing to slaughter in a beef cross dairy system. 

This innovative index uses Genus ABS’ Real World Data® which is collected from our beef units and many external sources, and is used to rank the most profitable genetics within the British Blue and Angus populations. 

The key aspect of the index is that it highlights the extra profitability a NuEra Profit™️ Max sire can deliver, compared to the average profit of the same breed. 

This index is targeted at dairy farmers who are finishing their own beef cross dairy animals, or beef farmers who are taking animals from rearing through to harvest. The index compliments our Winning Game Plan strategy as it increases the value of beef animals which originate from the dairy herd. 

How does it work?

The NuEra Profit™️ Index is a unique index which utilises data from only beef on dairy animals (excluding beef on beef animals).  

The index is appropriately weighted to drive down the cost of production with high growth rates and fewer days to finish, whilst also producing a higher value carcase at harvest. It utilises real world data collected from many commercially operating beef units. 

What would the NuEra Profit™️ Index mean for you?

Once you begin using our index to improve your beef enterprise, you will see more profit from each carcase, every time. Your animals will have improved feed efficiency in turn saving you money throughout their journey. 

Using the NuEra Profit™️ Index will grant you access to Genus ABS’ Real World Data®, meaning you will be able to pick the most genetically superior animals to enter the beef supply chain. 

Throughout this process, you will not only be generating more profit and improving the genetics of your herd, but you will also be running a more sustainable farm.  

NuEra Profit Max sires have a 11% reduced methane output per kilogram of beef produced compared to average sires. 

What do our customers think?

Robert Graham, Beef Finisher, Yorkshire

Robert Graham, Beef Finisher, Yorkshire

“Bull carcase weights have increased by 30kg since we started purchasing calves by NuEra Profit™️ Max bulls that have been identified as having superior traits for growth and carcase yield.

“This has been achieved in the same time frame as average cattle and using the same quantity of feed.”

What do our experts think?

Mark Smith, Genus ABS, EMEA Beef Director

“The NuEra Profit™️ index allows us to rank our British Blue and Angus sires based on their profitability for the whole beef supply chain.

“Our highest-ranking sires (Profit Max sires) produce progeny that are faster growing, more feed efficient and produce a higher quality carcass, all backed by full life cycle data on progeny.

“Today we can already see a 40-day advantage in days to finish, a 10% improvement in feed efficiency and 30% more animals hitting target specification, resulting in over a £100 increase in profitability, while also significantly lowering the carbon footprint of a KG of beef from the progeny of NuEra Profit™️ Max sires.”

Jess Simms, Genus ABS EMEA Beef Manager

“Our NuEra Genetics programme focuses on delivering value to our customers across the entire beef supply chain.

“We have demonstrated this through our NuEra Profit™️ Index, which evaluates progeny performance from finishing to slaughter in a beef cross dairy system.

“By working with us, we can help dairy farmers, beef rearers and finishers to add value to their farming system by selecting animals that are more profitable, more efficient and more sustainable for the whole beef supply chain.”

Learn more about the NuEra Profit™️ Index

If you’re interested in learning more about our NuEra Profit™️ Index, click below to watch Mark Smith, our EMEA Beef Director, share all there is to know in an interview with Ben Briggs, Editor at the Farmer’s Guardian.

You can also visit our website for more information. Contact your local representative today to begin your NuEra Profit™️ Index journey. If you do not currently know your local representative, visit the home page on our website and scroll down to ‘Find Your Representative.’

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