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Beef Deferred Program

0% Financing - The Best Deal in the Industry

ABS has enjoyed a rewarding relationship with Circle A Ranch and the Angus Sire Alliance since 1996 as the exclusive marketing agent for the winning profitability bulls. We've appreciated the Angus Sire Alliance's progeny test program as the most thorough in the industry and applauded their early work with economically driven selection indexes expressed through the Sire Alliance Profitability Value.

Progeny feed efficiency data is a unique component within the Sire Alliance profitability index.  While increasing feed costs have generated significant new interest throughout the industry and many new projects to evaluate feed efficiency, the Angus Sire Alliance is already backed by over 15 years of individual intake data.

ABS' philosophy is to provide proven genetics and services that add value from the Pasture to Plate.

Our genetic emphasis is on multi-trait performers featuring end-product merit for the consumer while demanding that cattle possess the functional performance traits necessary to thrive for commercial cattle producers.

Our service components not only offer on-farm solutions for producers, but extend beyond the farm gate to add value and quality throughout the beef supply chain.

ABS Dairy InFocus involves the strategic use of proven beef sires on dairy cows within a comprehensive breeding plan. InFocus enables dairies to increase cash flow and improve future herd genetics. Lower performing cows are bred to beef and calves are sold at a premium. Top performing cows are used for heifer replacements.

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