ABS Australia Involved in Record Breaking Angus Sales

It was a day of breaking records at the Thompson Family’s Millah Murrah Angus Bull Sale on 3rd September. The massive crowd was privileged to witness history being made with the highest priced Angus bull ever sold in Australia at an auction that also recorded the highest sale average of any breed ever in Australia.

The high selling bull, Millah Murrah Tex K35 (now renamed Millah Murrah Kingdom K35), sold at the record setting price of $150,000, to a syndicate including ABS Australia, Witherswood Angus, Gilmandyke Angus and Ascot Angus.

 Millah Murrah Kingdom K35 
Millah Murrah Klooney K42

The second top priced bull, Millah Murrah Theo K42 (now renamed Millah Murrah Klooney K42), also sold to a syndicate including ABS Australia, Witherswood Angus, Gilmandyke Angus, and Cherylton Angus for $80,000.

Spokesperson for the syndicates, John Woodruff, Witherswood Angus, described the bulls as being “correct, thick, with lots of bone and strong sire heads and lovely soft skin.

“They’ve both got pretty much everything. K35 is the perfect package of weight for age, pedigree and quality phenotype that’s rarely found in the Angus breed and K42 is just a beautifully put together young sire from a quite superb cow.

“Both these bulls are going to move the breed to a new level in terms of maternal quality.

“It’s so rare to find two genuine stud sires at a sale that are so even and correct in structure” said Mr Woodruff.

ABS Australia’s Beef Product Manager, Bill Cornell, commented that “We have making regular visits to Millah Murrah because of the awesome maternal power, beautiful phenotype and structural integrity of the herd.

“We started inspecting the 2014 autumn bull crop ten months ago and, as they developed, a couple of individuals rose to the top. The two bulls we selected were K35 and K42.

“We believe that these bulls have a large role to play in reinvigorating maternal cow power phenotype and structure back into the breed.

“The bulls will be available to all seedstock and commercial breeders alike”

The bulls’semen will be available and marketed through ABS Australia under their new names Kingdom K35 and Klooney K42.

Auctioneer Paul Dooley commented after the sale that “While the cattle market has been hitting new highs, today’s sale has reached a new paradigm; it was a hell of sale. Today was the first time I’ve sold a bull for more than $100,000 and sold a catalogue of bulls that has grossed more than a million dollars, it was exciting to be a part of the day and due recognition for the Thompson Family’s breeding program”.