Beef InFocus™

Beef x Dairy - but not as you know it!

Add Value & Profit to Your Low Genetic Merit Animals

The industry is changing and there is a new way to accelerate genetic progress.

The ABS Beef on Dairy program, Beef InFocus, can help improve efficiency and increase profits by using a modern approach to genetic management. This enables you to increase short term cash flow and improve your future herd genetics.

ABS Beef InFocus is the evolution of traditional beef on dairy programs for Australia. ABS strategically works with dairies around the world to combine proven, high-quality Beef InFocus sire genetics with a comprehensive breeding program. This genetic progress generated by InFocus sires is producing healthy feeder cattle that grow faster, convert feed more efficiently and yield more saleable meat.

Beef InFocus genetics are available in Black, to maximise your calf crop value, and Colour, with the added bonus of a speckled roan calf.

NuEra Genetics

NuEra Genetics is the genetic engine behind ABS Beef InFocus. NuEra develops an elite source of sires intentionally designed for performance on dairy breeds. ABS evaluates and benchmarks total performance of Beef InFocus genetics from birth to harvest.

The economically important traits of fertility and calving performance are collected through ABS Global's Real World Data (RWD) system.

You don't have to sacrifice fertility, calving and transition cow performance with InFocus graduates. Only the elite performing NuEra sires are selected for the Beef InFocus program. InFocus can provide reliable and proven fertility, dependable calving ease and reduced still births.


Proven Elite Semen Fertility

⇒ Beef InFocus sires must have a minimum of 500 breeding observations from at least four different herds and are proven in over 300 herds across the world.


Proven Higher Calf Survivability

⇒ Extensive backgrounder and feedlot data demonstrates higher calf survivability.


Proven Short Gestation

⇒ Larger proportion of cows calving earlier.

⇒ Reduced post partum anoestrous.


Proven Calving Ease

⇒ The only beef x dairy product with validated dairy calving ease data, evaluated by collecting data and confirming calving ease, stillbirth & gestation length.

⇒ Lower incidence of stillbirth and calving difficulty.

Want to find out more?

For more information about the Beef InFocus program and to find out how Beef InFocus could generate a second income stream for your dairy operation, download our Beef InFocus information pack at the link below.


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The ABS Global Beef Team has collected benchmarking data that compares ABS InFocus growth and harvest performance to industry data for Holstein steers, beef steers and heifers. Feeder cattle performance is best measured by kilograms of growth and carcass yields. Actual carcass data best describes the value of InFocus sired cattle. ABS is committed to using our Genetic Progress to develop InFocus cattle that will compete with traditional fed beef.

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