Fixed Time AI

The value of Fixed Time AI

Fixed Time Artificial Insemination (FTAI) is popular, cost effective and relatively simple reproductive technology, ideal for increasing the overall genetic merit of your herd.

FTAI importantly allows producers to increase the entire profitability of their beef operation through easier calving, shortened breeding and calving seasons, reduced incidence of post partum anoestrus, improved fertility and a more uniform line of calves.

FTAI involves synchronising the animals in your herd through the use of exogenus (injection or insertion/implantation of CIDR) hormones to be artificially mated over a controlled timeframe.

Synchronisation allows producers to utilise high indexing bulls from around the world for artificial insemination of their herd, with cows and heifers able to be inseminated on a single day at the same time.

Our Guide to Fixed Time Artificial Insemination is currently being updated and contains useful information including:

  • Benefits of FTAI
  • Selecting a FTAI program for my herd
  • Cost benefits of FTAI
  • Facilities, personnel & equipment
  • Sire options

High Conception Rate (HCR)

Our High Conception Rate (HCR) program, paired with Fixed Time Artificial Insemination (FTAI) will deliver big genetic gain in shorter mating and calving periods, improving efficiency and profitability for producers.

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