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All-rounder RUBELS RED pays his way in Northern Victoria

Milking their cows using robotics, the Dee family are now stricter with their breeding criteria than ever before. And that’s saying a lot for the family behind the two-time Master Breeder herd from Northern Victoria. Adam, Colin, Mark, their father Adrian, and Mark’s wife Mandy love nothing more than examining the cow families, and proofs…


ABS genetics – a proven investment

ABS Holstein bulls are the top four proven sires in Australia. Top proven Holstein PERSUADE was the number one genomic Holstein sire in August 2019. RUBELS RED makes Australian Holstein history with tremendous type and production. Up and coming genomic Holsteins are set to deliver on production, profitability, linear traits, health, and welfare. Exciting new…


Breeding better cows faster

When Adam Maidment breeds replacement Holsteins, he knows one thing for certain – they will be the best animals on the farm. This conviction comes from a strict heifer selection process – including genomics, sexed genetics and a significant dairy-beef program. He also knows breeding from the best is the fastest ticket to genetic gain….


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