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Milking the meat market with InFocus

Using specialist dairy-beef semen in a three-way-cross herd has eliminated bobby calves and opened a lucrative new income stream for one southwest Victorian dairy farm. And there’s expectations this move could deliver a windfall of up to $100,000 a year, without any extra work. Garvoc dairy farmers, Josh and Lilli Philp, have joined more than…


Top traits deliver for Victorian Red breeders

AUSTRALIA’S top Red dairy bull is making a mark on one south west Victorian herd, with his daughters delivering in the vat and helping to cut costs. Red sire ONSTAD P is ranked number one in the recent Australian Breeding Values release at 388 BPI$ thanks to his strong production, outstanding management traits and elite…


Stellar line-up delivers for Australian farmers

August ABV release highlights: Australia’s highest genomic bull is now the country’s top proven sire. ABS Holsteins are the country’s two top proven sires. Australia’s top genomic Jersey is Gippsland-bred Jersey Gelbeado Park WOODSIDE. Sales of sexed genetics continue to surge with demand for Jersey outcross Forest Glen Craze TRIPP and Holsteins with high-ranking health…


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