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A milk management tool with a cash bonus

Flatter milk production, a shorter spring joining and a ‘second opportunity’ for quality cows, these are just some of the benefits one Gippsland family have obtained from using a specified dairy-beef insemination program. The fact they also get valuable ABS InFocus™ animals delivering a “cash cow” later in the season is just a bonus. The…


Environmental focus for Gippsland breeders

Genetics is helping one Gippsland dairy farming family reduce their business’ carbon footprint, while bolstering herd health and productivity. Stuart and Jacqui Tracy, with their son Angus, milk 700 cows at Waratah Bay in Victoria as part of a family business which also includes their daughters Carmen and Leila. Their Holstein herd is ranked number…


Australian first – celebrating ABS JERONIMO P’s female dominance

ABS JERONIMO P makes Australian dairy history with 16 of the top 17 cows. Holsteins CHARLEY and his son DURABLE are proof that health, production, and sustainability go together. Young genomic Jerseys rank well on the new Sustainability Index. ABS’ Norwegian Reds dominate polled and health indexes. Australia’s favourite Holstein bull is breeding the nation’s…


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