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Welcome to the Autumn 2021 ABS Australia Beef Sire Update.

Please use this update in conjunction with the ABS Australia 2020-21 Sire Directory (below).

This Autumn Update introduces new sires to the ABS lineup. With his phenotype, EBVs and Super Sires qualification, the $160,000 Australian record price Hereford bull, Injemira Robert Redford Q287, is destined to make a big impact in the industry. New Angus sires include the $60,000 young maternal balanced sire Millah Murrah Quixote Q96; the huge curve bending high carcass sire BCR Jet Stream 827 and the great phenotype balanced EBV Banquet Quarter Pounder Q252. The lineup has a new addition with the English Longhorn breed, featuring on page 14. The Update includes a review of the Hereford True Genetics Super Sire Program feature sire, Wirruna Matty M288.

Also, this Update introduces graduates of the highly acclaimed ABS HCR program. This program has identified sires that have consistently achieve 8 to 15% higher conception rates in FTAI. Think of the decreased cost of pregnancies; and the bonus of more earlier calving cows and increased production in your operation.

The recently announced results of the NHIA annual survey again provided much pride with the ABS Australia Beef team retaining the number one ranked position.

The new price list has some changes and some pleasant surprises. It is best to call the beef team for updates on pricing, new inclusions and availability. The ABS Australia team is available and ready to assist cattle breeders, so please feel free to contact us.

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