Beef Sires

ABS Australia remains in the number one industry position for beef semen sales in Australia. According to the current National Herd Improvement Association (NHIA) semen sire survey, ABS Australia Beef has 40% of the domestic sales and 56% of export sales.

In the Angus breed, ABS Australia is ranked number one with 44% of sales. Millah Murrah Paratrooper P15 is currently the number one sales bull. ABS Australia holds five of the top ten Angus Australia registration positions for progeny born in the last two years, with Landfall Keystone K132, Sydgen Enhance, LD Capitalist 316, Baldridge Command and Landfall New Ground N90.

In the Wagyu breed, ABS Australia is in a dominant position with 76% of domestic and 89% of export sales. Arubial Bond and Arubial United are ranked in the top five total beef sales. Macquarie Prelude M0495 has been a massive influence with progeny in every continent. A big thank you to the Australian beef producers for your support.

At ABS we have a philosophy of People, Programs, Product and our mission statement is Profit from Genetic Progress. To assist our customers to be more profitable, ABS has a number of programs including Sexcel®, Beef InFocus™, NuEra™, High Conception Rate (HCR), Double K and commercial semen usage agreements.

ABS Australia continues to research and implement programs for cattle breeders. We have a great passion for Fixed Time AI (FTAI). We know synchronisation is a profitable management tool for beef producers, providing great gains in calving intervals and genetic growth.

This directory features ABS' HCR program. The conception rates for some sires has been amazing and, with more data added in the last 12 months, we are now able to classify proving sires with ranking levels. The cost per pregnancy can be significantly reduced by as much as 40% and the resultant heifer pool increased by 25%, just by the power of the fertility of a Platinum HCR sire.

Covid has reduced our ability to travel but we are happy to visit your farm, observing Covid social distancing practices. We can also set up Zomm or Teams meetings to discuss your breeding programs.

Please contact Fletch, Kim, Annie or Bill for assistance.