ABS’s Balisto the highest ranked Holstein sire ever in Australia

ABS Australia’s elite sire, Balisto, is the highest ranked Holstein sire ever recorded in Australia according to bull proof rankings released by the dairy industry this week.

At 364 BPI$ there is daylight between Balisto (29HO16714 De-Su 11236 BALISTO) and the second ranked sire at 333 BPI$. With 1500 daughters globally Balisto has an exceptionally reliable proof, making him very desirable to Holstein breeders.

“Balisto will produce some of the best progeny we’ve ever seen in Australia,” said ABS National Sales Manager, Paul Quinlan. “He will produce medium sized and very profitable cows along with above average Australian health traits, which is precisely what the market has been demanding.”

Not only is Balisto the best sire Australia has ever seen on the BPI$ rankings, he is also ranked number one on both the Type Weighted Index (TWI) and Production Index (ASI 276). The next best bull on the ASI is at 227.

“Australian dairy farmers want more profitable cows and Balisto delivers at the highest level,” said Paul. Since his release in late 2013 Balisto has been heavily used globally based on his genomic indexes. In 2016 he burst into global rankings as an elite proven sire. Balisto gets 61% of his genetics from his mother, with a maternal line from Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy-ET TV EX-92 3E.

“She has proven herself time and time again genomically and has now produced an elite global proven sire.”

Half of the top genomic sires from ABS

According to the Good Bulls Guide, 50% of the top 10 and top 20 genomic sires are from ABS’s Australian Holstein genomic program, which is closely linked to the company’s global genetic program.

“ABS’s genomic program continues to deliver outstanding young sires to the local dairy industry,” said Paul.

29HO17747 Cookiecutter HARPER, a Balisto son, leads the elite group of Holstein genomic sires. He comes from the outstanding “H” cow family led by Halo, the dam of Epic Hazel, which is the dam of Harper.

“The depth of this world class cow family adds to the overall excitement around Harper and his sire Balisto,” said Paul.

Another notable addition to the list is 29HO18490 De-Su 13530 SEVILLE. This all-round elite sire was bred by ABS’s new partner De-Su Holsteins and is the son of Montross the number one ranked US bull.

“Seville does what customers are asking for,” said Paul. “He will produce medium sized cows with strength to handle the harsh Australian winters.”

Seville comes in at 310 BPI$ and 933 NM$ (2750 TPI) making him an elite sire in both Australia and the US He is one of many new and existing 5-star TransitionRight® (TR) sires which are projected to save approximately $100 in preventive or reactive costs per cow per lactation over breed average 3-star sires.

“This is a massive return to the bottom line of a dairy operation when you multiply it over the entire herd year on year,” Paul said.

Polled sires growing in popularity

The dairy industry is seeing a growing trend in customers asking for polled sires.

“ABS’s breeding program is meeting this demand for polled animals with an outstanding range of options,” Paul said.

One of these is 29HO17318 ABS POLDARK-PP*RC who delivers polled calves and is an outstanding sire at 248 BPI$, 113 for daughter fertility. He’s A2A2, 4-star TR, adds teat length and is a calving ease sire. Another elite polled sire is 29HO18285 Pine-Tree SPLENDID-P*RC who has exceptional type and udders at over 3 in the US and at a TPI of 2668. He is in demand from both show breeders and profit focused customers.

Jersey fertility in focus

“ABS’s Jersey line up has also improved,” Paul said. “Our focus on daughter fertility has paid off with three outstanding sires available.”

These Jersey sires are 29JE3756 Hawarden Impuls PREMIER who is the number 1 sire for daughter fertility; 29JE3860 Cal-Mart Medalist PILGRIM and 29JE3830 Sunset Canyon DAZZLER who are both 5-star TR sires. Pilgrim will add highly sought after Jersey health traits, stature and dairy strength, while Dazzler has excellent health traits and udders.