‘Unprecedented’ 20 ABS sires rank above 300 BPI$

ABS goes further in front for quality and choice in ABV rankings as the company continues to lead the Australian ABVs with 20 sires above 300 BPI$, according to the latest rankings released this week.

“Having this number of sires above 300 BPI$ is unprecedented in the Australian industry,” said ABS National Sales Manager, Paul Quinlan. “For ABS it’s never been about just being number one. Number one is one sire. It’s nice to have but it doesn’t go very far if you’re a dairy farmer.

“Our global investment in genetic science aims to develop sires that offer dairy farmers the best range of choices to meet their herd development goals. I think the ABVs show very clearly that our strategy is working.

“With 20 sires above 300 BPI$ ABS has the widest choice and can package up a range of sires to meet what individual dairy farmers are looking for.”

Among the sires leading the way in the ABS line up in the most recent ABV rankings are the two brothers, 29HO16714 BALISTO and 29HO16667 TOPSY sitting at #3 & #5 respectively with daughters. Alongside them are 17 young ABS genomic sires which will set the scene for the future.

“The ABS sire team offers Australian dairy farmers the best sires available. The individual strengths of each sire can be matched with dairy farmers’ breeding goals. Whether the dairy farmer is focusing on daughter fertility, production, type, cell count or A2A2, ABS has sires that will produce profitable genetics and help them to meet the ever changing economic demands of dairy farming,” said Paul.

Below are a number of standout ABS sires from both the Holstein and Jersey breeds that offer dairy farmers the chance to maximise returns by investing in profitable genetics.

ABS sires in high demand

29HO16888 MVP (282 BPI$) is fast becoming Australia’s favourite sire as he delivers all-round customer satisfaction. His Australian milking daughters are creating more interest than nearly all other available ABS sires.

Along with his high fertility MVP produces the modern profitable cow – strong and moderate sized with good udders. He has the iconic Ammon-Peachey Shauna-ET EX-91 GMD DOM as his dam. Daughter information on MVP shows that he is a big production improver and a return use sire. He is also strong positive in both fat and protein deviations. He is a 4 star TransitionRight™ sire that does not add too much stature. Look for him to improve all udder traits, especially height and width of rear udder. He will improve and straighten the leg with a very steep foot angle. MVP can be used with confidence on heifers and is available sexed. Also look out for his son SNAKEOIL (295 gBPI$).

While ABS has delivered on its promise in Australia it has also graduated ten new sires into its U.S. sire team. Two notable sires that are also very familiar to the Australian market are 29HO17553 JOSUPER and 29HO17573 SILVER at #3 and #7 respectively on the U.S. TPI proven rankings.

JOSUPER is a production powerhouse with a Net Merit Dollar (NM$) ranking at #2 of +908 in the U.S. along with 252 BPI$ and 155 ASI. His dam is a VG-86 DOM BEACON daughter with 36030M 3.7 1340F 3.2 1143P.

The next four dams all have completed records of over 40,000 lbs. of milk, so high production is their specialty. Bred by the Dale Uecker family, Forestville, WI, JOSUPER has three full sisters, two of which have scored VG and the third is GP-83. All have high production figures. ABS has sampled 30 sons of JOSUPER, while the U.S. industry as a whole has sampled just short of 100 which does not include international sires by JOSUPER.

JOSUPER has been a very popular sire since his introduction in 2014. Along with his outstanding milk and health traits he excels in semen fertility (5 star) and is a 4 star TransitionRight™ sire. His daughters are of moderate size with well attached udders and much needed strength to handle the sometimes harsh Australian winters. When seven of the top 10 proven U.S. sires are Mogul sons inbreeding can be a concern when selecting proven sires. JOSUPER offers a little different pedigree when it comes to top ranked sires. ABS also offers a great opportunity to breed from his sons, 29HO18416 JOJO (295 gBPI$), 29HO17989 MACINTOSH (256 gBPI$), 29HO18018 DANCER (266 gBPI$) and 29HO18110 JERICHO (268 gBPI$).

29HO17573 SILVER requires very little introduction. He was an instant success and had global appeal, coming from one of the best cow families in the world. Along with his impressive TPI 2637 and 241 BPI$ he brings high fat with great udders and feet and legs. He produces long-bodied cows with good milk while maintaining fat and protein percentages. SILVER is a breed leader for type and production and is a total customer satisfaction sire. Also on offer is an elite group of his sons, such as 29HO18161 SANDAL (342 gBPI$), 29HO18073 KIMBALL*RC (258 gBPI$), 29HO18182 SPOCK (247 gBPI$), 29HO18339 CHAMBER (212 gBPI$) and 29HO18163 FRANSISCO (204 gBPI$).

ABS has also added a new Icon sire, 29HO18589 PONTIFF, a Jett son from a VG-86 Reflector dam. He produces great udders and lots of strength. PONTIFF’s maternal grand dam is a Supersire, followed by 4th dam, an O-Style. PONTIFF has excellent health traits and is a 5 star TransitionRight™ sire. He has an impressive TPI 2845, NM$ 925 & gBPI$ 279.

‘Pilgrim’ the popular Jersey

ABS’ most popular Jersey the past six months is 29JE3860 PILGRIM. He will be the only Medallist son to have any impact on the breed. Medallist is a Headline son from the Maid family that was sampled by ABS. That topside is mated on a cow family where the old ABS adage “utility is beauty” fits well.

The dam of PILGRIM is an Impulse Louie daughter and the grand dam is an 86 point Jevon. PILGRIM drew the right genes from each parent and he will sire hard working, likeable cows that breed back like clockwork. His impressive Australian daughter fertility (106) makes him one of the most popular Jersey sires available. His interest and high demand came as a surprise. Any customer breeding Jerseys seem to have bought PILGRIM to anchor their breeding program. PILGRIM daughters tend to be taller and stronger with good slope of rump, excellent feet and legs, udders and strong cleft. The sire brings teats in closer and is a 5 star TransitionRight™ sire which will save breeders on average over $50 per lactation. His progeny will be more genetically resistant to mastitis, metritis and ketosis.

The Australian proven Jersey team continues to impress and holds three of the top five spots from the August proof release with ELTON (269 BPI$), CSCAMBITION (252 BPI$) and CSCMELVARA (243 BPI$). ABS’ long standing partnership with Central Sires Co-op continues to bring new sires to the market.

CSCBALENTI is a great example of this. CSCBALENTI is backed by five out of six generations Excellent. Delving deeper into his pedigree, he is backed by seven of nine generations Excellent going back to the matriarch herself, Quicksilver Babe, EX-94. CSCBALENTI offers taller cows with great udders (111) along with excellent daughter fertility (103).