Legendary Jersey sire Elton to retire

Legendary Jersey sire, Elton (29JE3495 29JJA03 CAIRNBRAE JACES ELTON) will retire from service in June.

Affectionately known as ‘Mr Reliable’, Elton, now in his 15th year, was proven by Central Sires Cooperative and sold exclusively through ABS Australia, a partnership dating back 18 years and one that continues to this day.

CSC logoElton is by Jace, a high milk flow US bull, while his dam is by Alf, another high ranking US sire.

“The mating that made Elton turned out to be a very wise choice with the high milk flow and great frames of Jace and the smaller frame and higher components of Alf,” said ABS National Sales Manager, Paul Quinlan.

Elton graduated in 2009 ranked at #8. For the next nine years he never ranked below sixth. He was #1 Jersey bull in 2016 and still ranked at #2 in 2018.

Legendary Jersey sire Cairnbrae Jaces Elton will retire from service in June

Legendary Jersey sire Cairnbrae Jaces Elton will retire from service in June

Elton was bred at Cairnbrae Jersey Stud, Irrewillipe East, by Alan and Janine Carson. The 64 year old Cairnbrae Jersey stud is home to the renowned Estelle family, the dominant Jersey family for high components, extreme type and 6000+ litre herds. Elton is a direct descendant of this outstanding family.

Former chairman of CSC, Barry Monson, recalls recommending the bull to CSC due to his strong bloodlines and his connection with the Estelle family.

“He produced good, strong daughters, ideal for our pasture based system in Australia, and also for New Zealand,” Barry said. “He produced high components rather than high milk yield, which is more profitable in today’s milk payment system.”

Tony Urek, Semen Production Manager at Total Livestock Genetics, who managed Elton for many years said, “He will be remembered for his sensational temperament, great libido and striking Jersey characteristics.”

“He outlasted all the bulls of his generation and if his longevity is passed on there will be many Elton daughters milking for a long time.”

In total Elton has sold over 150,000 doses of semen and currently has 5,531 registered milking daughters in Australia and daughters milking in New Zealand, UK, Ireland, South Africa and the US, impacting the Jersey breed around the world.