ABS delivers superior sires suited to local needs

ABS continues to lead the way in dairy genetics, delivering another crop of superior sires perfectly suited to Australian dairy systems.

29HO16888 Seagull-Bay MVP leads the way in the August proofs with over 500 milking daughters in nearly 100 herds under herd test in Australia. MVP is proving to be the ‘next big thing’ since iconic sires such as GOLDBULLION and SHOTTLE.

“This sire just keeps on getting better,” said ABS National Sales Manager, Paul Quinlan. “In my 30 years in genetics I can count on one hand the few that have been as influential as MVP has been in such a very short period.

“He is the standout official number one proven Australian sire, with a reliability of 89%. He is a must use sire in any breeding program.”

MVP’s iconic dam Ammon-Peachey Shauna EX-92 has transmitted her exceptional qualities decisively, bringing outstanding consistency to MVP’s progeny. He delivers a near flawless overall package of moderate sized daughters with high fertility outstanding udders and A2A2 gene – all the characteristics demanded by Australian dairy farmers.

MVP is emerging as a generational sire,” said Alan Blum, Manager, Yarram Herd Services. “Rarely does a bull not inherit any undesirable genes. The quality and consistency of MVP daughters is outstanding.”



Record breaker

Earlier this year ABS introduced the highest ever ABV sire to Australia, 29HO18698 ABS JERONIMO P. He has improved on his April gBPI$ and still remains as the only sire over 400 gBPI$ at 407 gBPI$.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the interest in this sire and we’re equally excited that our breeding program bred his dam, ABS 7726 Jazlyn-P,” said Paul. “While we knew he was something special we couldn’t imagine the keen interest from genetic enthusiasts and the general dairying community.

“He exemplifies our aim to deliver profitable genetics to Australian dairy breeders and reflects what we stand for as a company – Profit From Genetic Progress.”

Still holding down the number one Holstein genomic sire position and highest sire to ever come into Australia, JERONIMO P offers unique transmittability of production, A2A2 and polled (heterozygous) genes.

ABS has the available number one Holstein Australian daughter proven and genomic sires and still maintains five of the top 10 proven Holstein sires with a strong line up of genomic sires coming through as well. They include the ever popular brothers 29HO16714 De-Su 11236 BALISTO in the #4 position and 29HO16667 De-Su 11228 TOPSY at #6. The influence these two sires have had in the past two years is remarkable and demand has been insatiable.

High ranking 29HO17747 Cookiecutter HARPER who came through ABS’ genomic program some years ago has been very popular year on year since his Australian introduction. He received his first daughter proof in North America this month and clearly demonstrates genetics don’t have to cost the earth, when you look at the company he shares among the top 20 TPI® bulls.

HARPER sits on the Australian Interbull list at number five and 342 BPI$. His daughters will start calving in Australia over the next twelve months and local breeders are keen to see how they perform here.

Pushing the boundaries

Globally, ABS continues to push the boundaries of genetic improvement, seeking out the best genetics from around the world and domestically. The company has a high ranking Net Merit (NM$ – US profit ranking) group of females as well. With more than 50% of the top 30 females above 1000 NM$ and four available sires over 1000 NM$, ABS is confident of continuing to deliver high end genetics specifically selected for the Australian dairy industry.

Leading the proven US TPI team is 29HO17553 Uecker Supersire JOSUPER at #2 on the US TPI list. With his impressive proven breed leading NM$ ranking of +999 (243 BPI$), his Australian milking daughters are production powerhouses. This is reflected in his Australian Interbull numbers at 1470 litres. He is delivering cows that ABS customers want, with strength and a will to milk.

Another elite US TPI® and NM$ sire available today is 29HO18611 Bomaz SKYWALKER who delivers an impressive +1008 NM$, 2891 TPI and 309 BPI$.

“We rarely see bulls that are elite in multiple countries but through our unique Australian Holstein genomic strategy we can now find them after uncovering BALISTO and TOPSY as elite multi country sires,” said Paul. “With sires such as HARPER and SKYWALKER the future for Australian breeders is exciting.”

All the traits offered by MVP come with the next elite generation sire SKYWALKER: daughters that will be moderate in size, get back in calf and deliver a long and productive life. His genomic calving ease data and A2A2 gene make him a very desirable bull to add in to meet farmers’ breeding goals.


High type leaders

ABS’ St. Jacobs breeding facility continues to show the way with high type. 94HO17739 Walnutfarm BLAKE impresses. He leads the world of daughter proven sires with +3.72 PTAT (Type).

BLAKE added 98 scored daughters and is more impressive than ever,” said Brian Behnke, St. Jacobs Business Manager. “Another favourite in our line up is

94HO17998 Maverick CRUSH. He is adding milking daughters but no scored daughters. He will be an exciting new release in December.”

Not to be left behind is the number one Australian type sire 29HO17503 Pen-Col MERRICK. Not only do his rear udder height and width have staggering numbers, he’s also a sire that has extreme semen fertility and the A2A2 gene.

Homozygous polled bulls are gradually moving up the rankings and none is better positioned than 29HO18639 ABS JOPPOLO PP (half-brother of JERONIMO P, from the same dam). JOPPOLO PP is the number one homozygous sire in Australia coming in at 305 BPI$ and the only PP above 300. His combination of outstanding components, exceptional daughter fertility and A2A2 gene carrier makes him the sire of choice when selecting for polled genetics.

ABS’ De Novo partnership with De-Su Holsteins has also delivered, with the new sire 29HO18777 De Novo 7876 SWAYZE-PP*RC coming in at 262 BPI$ with impressive daughter fertility and positive feed saved.

Jersey highlights

ABS’ partnership with Central Sires Co-operative continues to bring a balanced group of quality sires to breeders. Wallacedale MELVARA (CSCMELVARA) is the highest ranked daughter proven sire for fertility at 104. Coming in at #3 on the ABV rankings he impresses with excellent mastitis resistance and udders and carries the A2A2 gene.

Murray Brook SHADOWMAN (CSCSHADOWMAN) is another high demand CSC sire, featuring excellence across all traits while adding frame, stature and is positive milk with components.

29JE3830 Sunset Canyon DAZZLER adds to the fertile daughter team of sires with his impressive health traits. DAZZLER comes in at number three on the Australian Interbull rankings having elite udders and outstanding survival numbers.



Big opportunities to make profitable progress

“The opportunity for farmers to improve their genetics has never been better. We’re very proud to encourage others in the industry to follow our breed leading strategy,” said Paul. “It’s been well overdue for the Australian industry to get access to sires that have the potential to deliver genetic progress and in turn improve farmers’ profitability.”

In delivering healthy, profitable cows, ABS’ proprietary Transition Right™ selection system is a key driver.

“We select the healthiest and most profitable sires to breed generation after generation. Genetic selection is so critical, because it’s permanent,” Paul said.

Dairy farmers can access ABS’ world leading Genetic Management System (GMS) to maintain consistent genetic progress. GMS manages every aspect of a breeding program and can operate from breeding records that are kept on a home PC. Alternatively, a more comprehensive approach can be taken by genomically testing the herd and heifers. This enables ABS to easily and effectively detail and map a herd’s progress, before choosing a recommended sire.

“GMS enables dairy farmers to consistently improve their breeding asset,” Paul said. “If you don’t measure it you can’t improve. GMS is a simple yet comprehensive tool to advance your herd  operation’s profitability.”

ABS also offers Sexcel™ sexed genetics to breeding programs giving herds an opportunity to accelerate their breeding.

“Sexcel™ sexed genetics is like pressing down on the accelerator of your car,” said Paul.