Next generation sires shine in ABV release

13th April 2020

 April ABV release highlights:

  • Three Holstein proven sires in the top 1 per cent for udders
  • Australia’s first top genomic outcross Jersey
  • The world’s first Red Sexed (REDX™) sire ranked at number three

Sexcel® sexed genetic sires and those with top-class udders lead the pack for ABS in the latest Australian Breeding Value (ABV) release.

ABS has three Holstein proven sires in the ABV list with a ranking of more than 110 for Udders, putting them in the top 1 per cent of bulls for this trait.

On top of this, its next generation of Sexcel bulls sit inside the top 20.

ABS Australia Business Operations Manager Bruce Ronalds said these results show farmers can select profitable sires while using Sexcel technology to breed heifers.

The number two ABV proven Holstein bull, 29HO17706 De-Su 12128 TAILOR, ticks a lot of boxes.

“TAILOR is a fully proven bull in Australia with 94 daughters milking in herds across the country,” he said.

“He is a stand-out for daughter fertility, cell count and conformation and boasts scores rarely seen in Australia for such a high-ranking bull – 109 for Type and 111 for Udders. The fact he is available in Sexcel, is a bonus.”

Farmer favourite and high semen fertility bull, 29HO18073 Seagull-Bay Slvr KIMBALL, is number 18 in Australia at 325 BPI$ and 111 for Udders.

KIMBALL is the sire of some of Australia’s highest scoring genomically tested heifers owned by south-west Victorian dairy farmers Jamie (Fred) and Jacinta Loveday.

“We chose KIMBALL because he has a red factor, he was available in Sexcel and had a high genomic test,” Fred, who milks 500 cows at Laang, said.

Pedigree boost: Jamie (Fred) and Jacinta Loveday, Laang, Victoria used ABS red-factor Holstein and Sexcel® sire KIMBALL and are reaping the benefits with high genomic test results.

KIMBALL has more than 30 milking daughters in Australia, with amazing udders and breed-leading fertility and is also available in Sexcel. 

Next generation Jerseys

ABS has six of the top 15 genomic Jerseys in the most recent ABV release, one of its strongest Jersey teams in years.

Four of these are bulls are owned in partnership with the Australian Co-operative, Central Sires.

Top of the offering is 29JE4213 Forest Glen Craze TRIPP at 212 BPI$, a new bull that is an outcross for the Jersey breed. He also boasts positive milk with high components and balanced type.

ABS Australia Business Operations Manager Bruce Ronalds said TRIPP would add much-needed pedigree diversity into Australia’s Jersey herd.

“We anticipate strong demand because of this outcross, but there’s no doubt farmers will be chasing his production traits as well,” Mr Ronalds said.

“There’s not a lot of Jersey bulls that rank positively for components and milk.”

Other top genomic Jersey bulls include:

  • High ranking health trait sire CSCDYNAMITE Gelbeado Park Dynamite at 251 BPI$
  • CSCJAMIEO Murray Brook Jamieo at 240 BPI$ and 110 Type and 113 Udders
  • CSCTOYOTA Auburn Vale Toyota at 230 BPI$ with Daughter Fertility of 107.

Red delight

Australian farmers will soon be able to purchase semen from the first sexed Norwegian Red bull.

252NR11690 ROEN, with a BPI$ of 260, sits at number three in the recent ABV release and will be released soon as a sexed genetics sire under the REDX™ brand. REDX is produced using the same advanced technology from IntelliGen® Technologies as Sexcel™.

With outstanding calving ease and a score of 108 for Daughter Fertility – he sits at the top of his breed – and farmers will soon be able to use him to breed heifers and improve their genetic base.

ABS Australia has the top four Red bulls for daughter fertility in the ABV release. These include: ROEN, 252NR11594 RENNAN, 252NR11078 GOPOLLEN and 252NR10617 SKEI.

“ABS Australia focused on Norwegian Red bulls in recent years,” Mr Ronalds said. “They are known as the most fertile Reds in the world and we wanted to find the best sires to suit Australian conditions.”

“Having the top Red daughter fertility sires shows the strength of the Norwegian product and its ability to perform and produce fertile cows in Australia.”


 *Sexcel™ is ABS’ sexed genetics produced using our own 21st century technology, which is gentle on the cells and enables us to deliver a product that helps contribute to improved herd performance.  This new technology was developed by ABS’ in-house scientists and research team and is the most advanced since sorted semen was introduced years ago.

 *REDX™ uses the same technology as Sexcel™ and is the name used for the Red breeds sexed genetic product.