Family ties deliver quality for Jersey Breeders

BACKED by a quality and deep pedigree, bred for big milk, high type, positive components and the ability to add frame to a herd – Kaarmona Jeronimo Brady ET (CSCBRADY) is a Jersey bull set to shake-up the industry.

And it’s no surprise – he’s the descendant from a live import brought into the country in the early 1990s to expand the nation’s genetic pool and improve Jersey milk flow.

In other words – shake-up the industry.

Bred by Kaarmona Jerseys and Holsteins – the Australian dairy industry’s only stud with two Master Breeder awards for two breeds – CSCBRADY is progeny from the stud’s prolific and best performing Babe cow family.

Kaarmona Invincible Babe 323 EX-91 MAX

At 445 Balanced Performance Index (BPI) and 953 on the Sustainability Index in the December Australian Breeding Value release he’s ticking plenty of boxes.

His dam, Kaarmona Invincible Babe 323 EX-91 (max) has topped Australia’s Jersey BPI genomic cow list, is a five star Jersey cow and with a recent upgrade to her classification, eight out of 10 generations of this family have been classified excellent.

Breeder Rohan Sprunt from Kaarmona said CSCBRADY is bred for production.

“His (CSCBRADY’S) mother and grandmother are such high milk cows and have high

components, both were over 4 per cent protein cows,” he said.

“Brady’s dam is running at 4.4 per cent protein year-to-date (in December 2023) on her second lactation and with a PI of 112 which puts her at the top of her age group in our


“His Grandmother has a six lactation average PI of 112, so it’s easy to understand where Brady’s high productive genes come from.”

CSCBRADY’S grandmother Kaarmona Navarian Babe 243 Ex90 re-calved this spring as a nine-year-old cow.

As a five year-old she produced 805 kilograms of milk solids and then backed it up with 8,689 litres and 796kg of milk solids as a six-year-old.

Both lactations provided her with a 116 PI during the 305-day records. But the Kaarmona Babe cows don’t just pull their weight in the dairy – they also have a history turning heads in the show ring.

Kaarmona Parade Babe 2 EX-93

CSCBRADY’S fifth dam Kaarmona Parade Babe EX92 STP-8 was fourth as a two-year-old at International Dairy Week in 2005, third as a three-year-old in 2006, sixth as a five-year-old in 2008 and fourth as a six-year-old in 2009.

Kaarmona Parade Babe EX92 is a ¾ sister to Kaarmona Parade Babe 2 EX93.

Kaarmona Parade Babe 2 EX93 was IDW intermediate champion in 2008, best udder Jersey at IDW 2010 and was also twice overall champion of the great Southern Challenge.

The Dam of Kaarmona Parade Babe EX92 is Kaarmona Lester Babe 2 EX-93.

Kaarmona Lester Babe 2 EX-93 won the senior two-year-old class at IDW in 2001 and best udder in class while her ET full sister was second in the same class.

She was first as a three-year-old at IDW in 2002 and best udder in-class, third as a five-year-old in 2003 with best udder in class, second in the seven-year-old and over class in 2005 and best udder again.

Kaarmona Lester Babe 2 EX-93 was also honorable mention IDW champion cow in 2005. Lester Babe 2’s older full sister, Kaarmona Lester Babe Ex91, also produced a couple for good bulls for Central Sires Co-op back in the day, namely CSCBerlest & CSCPremier.  CSCBerlest had semen exported to the UK & he had 3 Ex full sisters with another full sister being 88@2yo for Rob & Kerrie Anderson.

Rohan and his brother Graeme run their family farm in partnership – an operation that milks .up to 400 at peak in autumn – at Kaarimba between Numurkah and Nathalia in Victoria.

Next year the Sprunt family will celebrate 150 years on their family farm, a business that began as a wheat and sheep operation and has evolved into a genetics leader in the Australian dairy industry.

Rohan and Graeme’s dad John began milking cows in 1960 and the farm first registered Jerseys in 1965.

The Sprunts have sold many bulls into the Australian artificial breeding industry, but cow families, breeding cows to milk and giving back – to improve the industry –  is their true passion.

So it’s no wonder that they purchased BIE BB Babe at IDW in 1993 for $7,200.

Rohan said this cow was the foundation of the Kaarmona Babe family and her dam was a live import and brought into the country to inject new genetics.

He’s hoping CSCBRADY will be similar, in a way that he not only boosts production for the Australian Jersey breed, he can leave a lasting legacy when it comes to the animal’s size.

“His mother and grandmother are both big frame cows,” Rohan said,

“Hopefully he can add frame to animals too because his genomic profile indicates he will transmit size, openness and front-end width into his daughters.” CSCBRADY genetics is under high demand so get your orders in early as he is now producing.

Kaarmona Lester Babe VHC-91

It’s all in the family – the cow’s behind CSCBRADY

Kaarmona Invincible Babe 323 EX-91(max)

Kaarmona Navarian Babe 243 Ex90

Kaarmona Vanahlem Babe 208 VG-87 2Yr

Kaarmona Blair Babe EX-91 STP-7

Kaarmona Parade Babe EX92 STP-8

Kaarmona Lester Babe EX-93

BIE BB Babe EX-91

Jerseyland Sil Saint Babe GP-81

WF/L&M Chief Babe EX-94

Quicksilver Babe EX-94