Genetics “meat” the market for new ABS Beef Manager


Forging a career in global meat sales, James Campkin-Smith developed a clear understanding of how genetics impact carcass quality.

And it’s this experience, plus a “passion” for genetics developed through his family’s Angus operation, is what he will bring to his new role as ABS National Beef Marketing and Sales Manager.

“Regardless of the breed of cattle, it’s the way the carcass grades that is important,” he said.

“Genetics hold the key to some of the answers the beef industry is asking for. Such as increased farmer profit via FTAI (fixed time artificial insemination) and sexed male semen as well as reduced emissions via more efficient animals getting turned-off quicker and creating consistent, high eating quality beef.”

For the past six years James worked for JBS Australia’s Southern Division in export box meat sales, selling products to Japan, Korea, China and Southeast Asian markets as well as into domestic retail programs.

A NAB Agribusiness Rising Champion and member of the Angus Australia GENANGUS Future Leaders Program, James is also a partner in his family’s South Gippsland Angus grass-fed breeding and fattening business.

He began breeding cattle as a teenager, learning early about the value and compounding benefits of quality genetics.

“Genetics can shape a farming business, it is the backbone,” he said.

“There are also enormous gains farmers can make, thanks to genetics, in terms of efficiency and improvement of their end-product. With quality genetics farmers are making their herds better year-on-year. Being involved in breeding decisions and then following the process through until the end product – quality meat – is what makes me excited about genetics.”

In addition to his work with Australian beef producers, James wants to draw on his export experience to expand the footprint of quality Australian genetics across the globe.

Thrilled to join the market-leading ABS team, James will work with Fletch and Kim to help farmers with their beef breeding solutions.


Contact James on 0458 227 277 or [email protected]


James Campkin-Smith