Primetime™ Genetics

Fast forward your genetic progress

ABS continues to improve its Primetime® (Progeny Test) group of sires year on year and genomic testing has made selection more accurate when choosing a team of sires for Primetime users.

For the best results in your herd, ABS recommends using the Genetic Management System® (GMS®) Audit tool. GMS Audit is a unique way of selecting and measuring genetic progress, even before you use a sire in your breeding program. Contact ABS for your free audit.

Whether you’re selecting for the A2A2 characteristic or just profitable progeny, ABS’ Primetime team will provide you the best options and ensure your genetic progress!

Make better cows faster with ABS......

Please click on the cover image or here to view or download a pdf version of the 2020 ABS Primetime Spring Directory.

ABS Primetime is Australia's most exciting young sire proving program and is creating the next generation of proven sires following KIMBALL, MVP & TAILOR.

To incorporate ABS Primetime genetics into your herd, please contact your local ABS Representative.