Real World Data

REAL WORLD DATA® Selection Tools

Introduced in 2012, ABS® Real World Data (RWD™) was developed to answer a request from customers and utilize the data they collect through new genetic selection tools.

ABS Real World Data (RWD) represents REAL results from REAL dairy producers. The database contains over 30 million cow records sourced from over 2,000 herds located in key dairy markets throughout the world, and it continues to grow. For these reasons, the ABS database is aptly named “Real World Data®.”.

The ABS Research & Development team uses proprietary Real Word Data for use in creating innovative genetic selection tools. The first tool, ABS RWD Sire Fertility was launched in 2012 and provides ABS customers with an easy-to-use ranking of fertility for both conventional and sorted genetics for ABS sires. TransitionRight™ Genetics was introduced in August, 2015 with a simple-to-understand economic ranking of ABS sires developed to help prevent multiple post-calving metabolic disorders that occur during the transition cow period through genetics. ABS will continue to invest in developing innovative and effective genetic selection tools from RWD to help our customers improve their profitability.

ABS Real World Data evaluations are updated monthly so the RWD genetic selection tools used by ABS customers are always up-to-date allowing for more timely and accurate genetic selections.

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