ABS Delivers the Top 7 Available ABVg Bulls

ABS Australia has catapulted into the current genomic BPI rankings with the top seven highest scoring, available genomic Holstein sires.

At number one is the much anticipated Glomar SUPERLUCKY (298 gBPI) with the outstanding number two available sire in Cookiecutter HARPER (287 gBPI).

Four Generations of Lucky Cows 

Superlucky descends from four generations of Lucky cows that are still milking at Glomar; confirming the reputation of this outstanding cow family that gets in calf and milks for generations.

In all, ABS has 15 new genomic sires in the top BPI rankings. They join ABS’ four high ranking proven Holstein bulls in the Good Bulls Guide. New proven graduate Pen-Col MATCHLESS enters the BPI rankings as a well balanced sire that has good health traits (4-star TR) with great udders.

Together the ABS line up provides choices to suit a wide variety of breeding goals. These sires cover desirable traits including high fertility, pasture based production, BPI and TPI.

“We want to be the very best at maximising customer profitability through genetic progress,” said ABS national sales manager, Paul Quinlan.

ABS is the only company to provide TransitionRight™ sires, which offer a genetic solution to preventing costly transition diseases.

“Dairy farmers who use our five star TransitionRight™ sires can expect to save $100 per cow per lactation,” Paul said.

Elton still the king 

Among Jersey breeders Cairnbrae Jaces ELTON is the king and the number one available Australian proven Jersey (BPI 312) with over 4400 daughters.

Daughters of ELTON – the king

“Elton continues to impress breeders with his outstanding temperament and farmer likeability,” Paul said.

“His strong, deep bodied daughters are built for Australian conditions with their balance of production and good health.”

Araluen Park BANDANNA leads the new Jersey genomic group (279 gBPI) with excellent type and good daughter fertility. He exemplifies the strong partnership ABS has with Central Sires Co-op in making available the best local jersey bulls to Australian breeders.

Highly profitable genetics from elite cow families 

No other bull says it better than Deep-Run-Crk Dfr CANYON. This elite genomic sire is from an up and coming cow family. CANYON’s four closest dams are all scored EX with his grand dam and great grand dam at 3E-94 and 2E-94, respectively. A 5-star TransitionRight™ sire he offers excellent daughter fertility and productive life with exceptional udders.

Rosy-Lane SPOCK from the home of Goldbullion offers Australian dairy farmers an exceptional opportunity to continue with the successful Rosy-Lane breeding tradition. With an impressive 2707 gTPI and 216 gBPI Spock transmits plenty of fat kilograms and percentages along with very good rear udders. His progeny should be medium size with outstanding chest width.

“After visiting the Rosy-Lane property last year and seeing firsthand the outstanding strength and chest width of the herd, I believe Spock has everything we saw and has the potential to be a new and improved version of Goldbullion,” Paul said.

Highest daughter fertility bull

The highest daughter fertility bull ABS has ever introduced into Australia is No-Fla MERIT at 119. Along with his high fertility and productive life Merit has a very good BPI at 240 and is a 5-star TransitionRight™ sire.

“Based on his unbelievable numbers, these medium sized cows are expected to last extra lactations over bulls that are just average for daughter fertility,” Paul said. “This is what we’re hearing our clients want.”

Rengaw Jardin JANEK moves up the rankings with an impressive boost of 26 BPI points to 264. Janek is an A2A2 sire that improves fat and protein percentages. He is a calving ease sire with excellent cell count numbers.

“These new sires are certain to impress the market and deliver the genetic gains (profitable cows) our customers are seeking,” Paul said.