ABS Lends a Hand in Tight Times

ABS Australia is offering dairy farmers a deferred payment plan on their purchases of ABS dairy semen to help ensure herd improvement programs are not put at risk while milk prices are low.

“We recognise that recent announcements that the farm-gate milk price will be dropped by major processors are tough for many dairy farmers,” said ABS Australia general manager, James Smallwood. “Dairy farmers know that cutting back on genetics now will put their herd improvement program and long-term profitability at risk.”

ABS Australia will assist dairy farmers to continue to invest in their herd improvement program by offering them a cost effective breeding payment plan.

“The dairy herd is often the second largest asset on a dairy farm and, with the predicted lower milk prices, cashflow will be tight on many farms,” James said. “It will be tempting to cut back on semen purchases.

“I encourage dairy farmers to contact their ABS Australia representative or on-farm genetic service provider to set up a cost effective breeding payment plan for their business.

“We want to do what we can to help dairy farmers to ensure their future genetic progress is maintained.”

Dairy farmers can set up a payment plan by ordering their ABS dairy semen through their local on-farm genetic service provider. They will charge 10% of the purchase price when ordering or when the semen is required. ABS will split the remainder of the bill evenly over the next three months, interest free.

“The payment plan offer extends to all ABS dairy semen lines,” James said.

The best Holstein packages are in ABS’ latest dairy sire directory. ABS has an extensive range of other breeds, including Jerseys, some of which come from their partnership with Central Sires Co-op.

“We are happy to provide additional packages on all bull breeds listed in our dairy sire directory on request,” said James. “We are confident our range can assist in all aspects of dairy farmers’ breeding goals.”