ABS Boosts Breeding Choices with Norwegian Reds

ABS Australia will bring the top range of Norwegian Red bulls to Australia in August through a new partnership with Geno, the world leader in Norwegian Red bovine genetics.

Through the partnership with Geno, ABS will offer dairy farmers more choices for effective cross breeding and straight breeding using Red genetics.

“ABS has secured an exclusive distribution agreement with Geno globally,” said ABS Australia’s national sales manager, Paul Quinlan. “We will now be able to supply Australian dairy farmers with the unique genetics of the Norwegian Red breed combined with the very best Holstein and Jersey genetics from ABS.”

Many Australian farmers have used the Norwegian Red breed exclusively as a straight-breed for the past nine years.

“Those dairy farmers who have used the Norwegian Reds have already identified that the breed has extensive Norwegian farmer, veterinarian and industry input and support,” Paul said. “There is over 40 years of data collection available and comprehensive health trait information for breeding selection.

“The breed is ideal for the profit focused farmer whether they want to straight breed or cross-breed.”

GOPOLLEN daughter 240 Ragnhild with owner Kine Efteland Vølstad


ABS continues to pursue a strategy of providing the market with alternative solutions to maximize their profit from genetic progress.

“ABS’s collaboration with Geno will allow us to distribute Norwegian Red’s world leading genetics and provide even greater value to our customers,” Paul said. “The unique cross-breeding solution will have a strong appeal to our operational and profit partners.

“It will complement our recent investment in IVB, Sexed semen and Genetic Services such as Genetic Audits that specifically focus on maintaining profit from genetic progress.”

Geno adds a unique genetic solution to ABS’s global supply chain that will benefit dairy farmers seeking the special qualities of Red breed genetics.

“The red genetics offer our customers greater choice and the potential to improve hybrid vigour in their herds,” Paul said.

A new brand that demonstrates the benefits of the combined resources of Geno and ABS will be launched in the first half of FY17. The new concept will be rolled out in North America, Great Britain, Italy, France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.