ABS Delivers the Pick of Genomic Sires – Again

ABS Australia has once again demonstrated it is the leading provider of advanced bovine genetics in Australia with seven of the top 10 available Holstein genomic bulls, and 26 of the top 50, in the August Balanced Performance Index (gBPI).

“Having seven in the top 10 genomic sires in the most recent proof run is a very rewarding outcome for Australian dairy farmers and for ABS,” said ABS national sales manager, Paul Quinlan. “This result demonstrates how our customers can truly profit from genetic progress with ABS. These sires illustrate the overall superior genetic quality, consistency and diversity of the ABS lineup.”

These successful August genomic rankings follow on from ABS having the same number of genomic sires in the top 10 in the April proof run.

“We have been working on a plan to ensure our genomic and proven sires convert exceptionally well to Australian dairy systems as well as performing strongly in the US TPI rankings,” said Paul. “We aim to ensure we consistently offer Australian dairy farmers the very highest quality and the widest possible choice of bulls that will perform exceptionally well in Australian conditions and meet a wide variety of breeding goals.”

The conversion strategy which ABS started three years ago is now beginning to pay off with the first group of ABS genomic bulls expected to receive Australian proofs in April 2017.

The first of these, 29HO16714 De-Su 11236 BALISTO, (daughter pictured left – De-Su Balisto 3487-ET 2 year old) which is due to receive an Australian proof in April 2017, has impressed with his first US daughter proof. He currently boasts the number 1 position on the Type Weighted Index (TWI) at 305. This Elite bull also has an impressive gBPI of 281 and an ASI of 196. As an A2A2 sire he produces moderate sized cows with strength, along with very good calving ease while adding teat length. A four star semen fertility bull further enhances his appeal as a must use proven bull.

Another ABS sire to impress is 29HO18161MR Seagull-Bay SANDAL, which enters the market with an impressive 297 gBPI. SANDAL is an early SILVER son and is the highest ranked son in Australia. He has very good udders, slopes, rumps and very good feet and legs.

Glomar SUPERLUCKY improves on his outstanding number 1 ranking from April, moving to a gBPI of 299. He features outstanding health traits and positive fat and protein components. With four maternal dams still milking in the Glomar herd he offers great daughter survival.

Described by many experts as an international phenomenon, 29HO17500 DG CHARLEY has been acquired by ABS Global and is available in Australia. Charley rose to fame in May 2015 as the number one gTPI bull in the world. He has remained at the top of the genomic sire lists ever since. Charley offers modern Holstein efficiency with his combination of extreme production (+1,976 Milk, +87 Fat, +63 Protein), superior fitness (PL +7.6, SCS 2.65, +2.5 DPR) and moderate frame size.

Charley comes from a particularly strong pedigree, the globally renowned Larcrest Cosmopolitan family. He’s a Supershot son from DG Candide, a Mogul from Larcrest Cale VG-89 (pictured right), followed by Larcrest Crimson EX-93.

“It is rare to find a bull that offers the unique combination of medium size and a flawless profile for feet and legs and udders, as well as outstanding production and great daughter fertility,” said Ryan Starkenburg, ABS Global, Senior Dairy Geneticist. “When a bull has those unique attributes in addition to great calving ability and fantastic SCS, it is easy to understand why Charley’s genetic profile is highly sought after by breeders around the world.”

In the Jersey breed, HARRIS is a gold medal champion. This new US proven graduate excels as the number 1 bull for JPI, Net Merit and Cheese Merit. HARRIS offers the genetic capabilities for increased fat and protein and high fertility in both purebred and crossbreeding programs.

If there was ever a Jersey bull to demonstrate his ability to stay at number 1 it is ELTON. He is turning out to be the Michael Phelps of the Jersey breed and is the number 1 bull again with an imposing 318 BPI.

In August ABS Australia began bringing the top range of Norwegian Red bulls to Australia through a new partnership with Geno, the world leader in Norwegian Red bovine genetics. This arrangement will enable ABS to offer dairy farmers more choices for effective cross breeding and straight breeding using Red genetics.

One Red breed sire to impress in this proof run is REITAN 2, ranked at number two on the BPI. This bull is also the number 1 health weighted sire for the breed. He offers high milk flow, great teat placement, outstanding temperament and high wide rear udders.