ABS Focuses on Delivering the Most Advanced Genetics to Boost ‘Rate of Genetic Gain’

ABS Australia today announced a major change to the focus of its business in dairy and beef markets in Australia.

“In future we will focus on our core strength, which is delivering advanced bovine genetic products and technologies, in order to ensure our dairy and beef clients maximise the rate of genetic gain in their herds,” said ABS Australia General Manager, James Smallwood.

“This is the logical next step in a process we have been working towards for a number of years. Genetic gain is where the profitability opportunities are for producers.”

The new business focus will allow ABS to fast-track new products and technologies that are being developed by the global R&D team at ABS Australia’s parent company, Genus PLC, to lift the rate of genetic gain on-farm.

“We know dairy farmers, in particular, are going through difficult times, with low milk prices,” Mr Smallwood said. “By making these changes we can focus our activities on developing and delivering genetic products to improve the value they get from their investment in herd improvement – so their breeding programs are not compromised.”

ABS has made a substantial investment in ensuring many of the bulls they bring to Australia rank highly in the Australian BPI system, making them suitable for Australian conditions.

“This investment in matching bulls to the Australian BPI system underlines our commitment to supplying the Australian bovine genetics market,” Mr Smallwood said.

ABS will continue to bring in high ranking TPI bulls from the US, which also have a keen following among Australian producers.

Professional advisors

ABS has professional breeding advisors in all major dairy regions and in southern beef districts. These advisors are equipped to guide and support producers in building a breeding program that will achieve their business profit goals.

“The field of bovine genetics is changing rapidly,” said Mr Smallwood. “Understanding these changes and reaping the rewards they promise is critical for beef and dairy producers in such a competitive environment.

“Our customers’ genetic progress and long term profitability are a key focus of ABS. Our advisors are professionally equipped to help producers in developing cost effective breeding programs that meet their breeding goals.”

In recent years ABS Australia’s parent company, Genus PLC, has invested heavily in the development of new technologies including:

  • the release of GMS2.0, a revamped Genetic Management System, which will be able to work with genomic daughter data, amongst other new features
  • the purchase of InVitro Brasil – the world’s largest producer of embryos
  • delivering gene editing technology to assist in the reduction in counterproductive traits

In the next few years, ABS Australia will be making the products of these investments available to Australian beef and dairy farmers.

As a consequence of this change of business focus, ABS will stop providing on-farm services (AI, freeze branding, de-horning, etc). It is expected these services will be delivered by independent service providers already operating in the market.