ABS elite sires make choosing a team simple in 2018

ABS is set to make choosing a bull team easier with an exciting range of sires available in 2018.

ABS’s partnership with Central Sires Co-op has three of the top five proven Jersey bulls available including “The King” Cairnbrae Jaces ELTON. This 13-year-old sire is still in high demand for his superior semen and daughter fertility and has countless daughters in Australia and overseas.

Adding to the Jersey team in 2018 is Murray Brook SHADOWMAN. CSCSHADOWMAN will add positive milk with positive components, improves daughter fertility and 111 for udders. Pictured is CSCSHADOWMAN dam Murray Brook Ash 3894 EX-90.

Leading the proven U.S. team of Holstein bulls is 29HO17553 Uecker Supersire JOSUPER who is the number 2 proven Net Merit Dollar (NM$) bull. Josuper will add strength to the AU proven line up in 2018 with his daughters now milking in Australia. Josuper is part of the second wave of genomic sires specially selected for Australian breeders and is a standout for his fat, daughter and semen fertility and dairy strength.

Another highly profitable bull is 29HO18343 ABS MEDLEY with an impressive + 1025 NM$. This A2 sire is one of many 5 star TransitionRight™ sires ABS has added to the new genomic team for 2018. Medley is a super calving ease sire and is available through ABS’s new sexing technology SEXCEL™ which is to be released at International Dairy Week in January 2018. Pictured is MEDLEY dam Bacon-Hill Balisto Molly-ET VG-85

Other 5 Star TransitionRight bulls to look out for in 2018 include:

ABS’ Genetic Management System (GMS) takes the guess work out of choosing sires and makes sure customers get the right advice and support to select the best possible bull team to accelerate genetic progress and increase the value of their herd.