ABS Launches Advanced Bovine Sexing Technology

Australia’s leading bovine genetics company, Genus Australia Pty Ltd. (“ABS Australia”), has today announced the launch of Sexcel™ Sexed Genetics, the most advanced bovine sexed genetics, designed to deliver more high value pregnancies to Australian dairy herds.

Sexcel gives dairy farmers a new option to fast forward genetic progress in their herds and achieve greater profitability. The 21st Century technology used to produce Sexcel was developed by ABS Australia’s parent company, ABS Global, Inc. This innovative technology does not subject the cells to the high pressures, electric currents and shear forces used to produce the sexed semen historically available to farmers. The result is a superior sexed genetics product which harnesses ABS’s best genetics.

“This is an exciting moment for ABS and its customers,” said Paul Quinlan, National Sales Manager, ABS Australia. “The January launch marks the first time sexed genetics produced from a new and differentiated technology will be available to farmers in Australia.”

“Our customers are seeking a stronger line-up of sexed genetics, and Sexcel brings that to the marketplace,” Paul said, “Our groundbreaking technology will help farmers to fast forward their genetic progress. It enables our customers to produce the replacement animals they want more quickly from their elite heifers, while also providing them with a choice of sexed genetics tailored to their specific needs – including fertility, calving ease, production, feed efficiency, reduction in disease risk, or any number of genetic traits.”

With this launch, more of ABS’s genomic bulls from around the world, which consistently lead genomic BPI rankings, will now be available to Australian farmers in both sexed and conventional product.

“We have brought the very best genetics from around the world through our genomic assessment strategy,” said Paul. “These bulls have been tested through the BPI rankings to select only the most profitable genetics for Australian farming conditions.”

Sexcel is available in Australia starting January 2018 and ABS Australia officially launches Sexcel during International Dairy Week on 24th January. Based on the overwhelming interest from other countries where Sexcel was released in late 2017, it is anticipated Australian demand will be very high.

“The exceptional performance of Sexcel, both internationally and here at home, has been proven through extensive field trials and is the result of a lengthy development process by ABS to produce a novel, proprietary technology for sexing bovine semen,” Paul added.