ABS sires proving their worth for Australian dairy farmers

ABS has dominated the December Australian Breeding Value (ABV) Holstein daughter proven release claiming seven of the top 10 sires.

Released today, the list ranked according to on-farm profit, has ABS sire 29HO18101 Larcrest CALUMET in the top position with a BPI$ of 367.

Sired by popular ABS bull View-Home MONTEREY, CALUMET is also the number one sire on the Health Weighted Index (HWI), a reflection of his positive Daughter Fertility at 109.

He is also the number one sire on the Type Weighted Index (TWI).

Top notch: Gippsland dairy farmer Marty Jarvis with his favourite CALUMET heifer classified VG-86. CALUMET was top of the proven Holstein December ABV proof run.

CALUMET has performed well for mastitis resistance and feed-saved, all this on top of positive fat and protein percentages.

He has an added advantage of siring offspring with outstanding udders, scoring 111.

CALUMET was one of five ABS graduates at the top of the Holstein ABV daughter proven list.

This strong result proves the success of ABS Australia’s strategy of identifying the best genetics in the world and making sure they are profitable for Australian dairy farmers.

ABS Australia’s Operations Manager Bruce Ronalds said the December ABV proof results would allow farmers to plan early with sires that have strong figures supporting their production, health traits and type.

“ABS Australia has never had a proof run as successful as this for our proven product,” Bruce said.

“It is a testament to the strategy we adopted six years ago when we focused on genomically testing everything coming in from overseas. Our commitment was to make proven sires in Australia, and we are seeing that now.”

ABS Australia South Gippsland Key Account Manager Brian Enbom has assessed more than 60 CALUMET daughters on eight different farms.

“I have been impressed with the temperament of all the CALUMET daughters,” he said.

“They are very even groups of heifers that have fantastic udders and great dairy frames. They all have the makings of cows which will last for a long time and be profitable for their owners.”

In recent years, ABS has led the market with its ABV genomic Holstein proofs.

The top sires in this proven ABV list were all high BPI$ genomic bulls.

“This shows the technology works and it is delivering value to Australian dairy farmers,” Bruce Ronalds said.

“It also shows ABS Australia is selecting sires that provide long-term profit in Australian herds, they stand the test of time.”

The best example of longevity are sires such as 29HO16888 Seagull-Bay MVP, ranked eighth (294 BPI$) and 29HO16667 De-Su 11228 TOPSY at number 10 (283 BPI$).

“MVP is a once-in-a-generation sire, with more than 1600 daughters in his production proof throughout 199 Australian herds” Bruce said.

“He still maintains a breed-leading ranking of 107 for Farmer Likeability and this is testament to his unique combination of production, type and health traits.”

Genomic stars 

ABS’ depth in its genomic Holstein offering was demonstrated in today’s ABV(g) proof release.

Young sire 29HO17458 Boghill Blamour PERSUADE came in at number three (405 BPI$), 29HO18698 ABS JERONIMO P in fourth position (399 BPI$) and 29HO19002 Pine-Tree HURON at number five (398 BPI$).

A sire that’s bound to draw attention is 29HO17482 Denovo JOYRIDE-P, a new genomic polled Holstein and early JERONIMO P son.

He’s just entered the genomic sire market with a BPI$ of 329.

JOYRIDE-P is A2 with high combined fat and protein of 53kg and positive Daughter Fertility of 111.

This sire provides farmers a chance to use polled genetics without compromising their genetic plan, according to Bruce.

Jersey Joy

The next generation of Jersey sires has plenty to offer milk producers across the country.

ABS has five sires littered throughout the top 20 ABV(g) Jersey list.

Gelbeado Park DYNAMITE (CSCDYNAMITE) leads the way (254 BPI$).

He’s a Central Sires bull out of a high-ranking DAZZLER and his dam Gelbeado Park Raceway Cocoa 4608, is now classified EX-90.

Auburn Vale TOYOTA (CSCTOYOTA), ranked number 11 (212 BPI$), is a highlight as he’s one of the highest daughter fertility sires on the market.

ABS Australia’s Jersey legend, Cairnbrae Jaces ELTON sired CSCTOYOTA’s dam. The dam has just been classified EX-90.

The CSCTOYOTA daughters will have extra capacity, ideal rump structure and well attached udders with extra teat length.

CSCTOYOTA is also one of the highest bulls for Daughter Fertility at 106, a trait Jersey breeders have been asking for.