How much milk does a Holstein cow produce a day?

Holstein cow - milk production

Monitoring the production of your herd is important when calculating your profit and overall efficiency of your herd, whether it’s liquid milk or fat and protein percentage. The Holstein breed is one of the most popular dairy cattle breeds on the market right now, in the UK. This is likely due to their rapid growth, early maturity and simple maintenance.

Holstein animals are thought to be more kind-natured than others and are easier to handle, which in turn makes putting them into housing that bit simpler.

What influences a Holstein cow’s milk production?

A Holstein cow’s production will vary from animal to animal. This can be determined by factors such as age, genetics, diet and environmental conditions.

It has been found that the average Holstein cow will typically produce between 22 and 40 litres of milk, every day, or 12,000 litres per lactation (mature equivalent). This will depend on their stage of lactation and their age.

However, all cows are different and genetics can play a huge factor when it comes to milk production.

Some cows will can produce up to 90 litres, in a single day, however this shouldn’t be expected.

How can you improve your herd’s milk production levels?

If you are not satisfied by the amount of milk being produced from your animals, there are multiple factors for you to consider.


Typically, your Holstein cow will reach its peak milk production levels between the ages of four and six years old. The age at which your cow reaches peak production will vary depending on their genetics, nutrition and environment. However, you can expect the production of your herd to decline once the animals have surpassed their peak level.


Seeking genetic progress in your herd is key when it comes to maximising milk production, and increasing your profit overall. Sexcel®, Genus ABS’ sexed semen, is the most fertile sexed semen available on the market and is collected from carefully selected, superior bulls. You can track the traits and features of all semen available on Bull Search.

Environmental conditions

Creating a happy and comfortable environment for your herd is important when wanting to maximise milk production. Things such as; cow comfort, stocking rates, temperature, lighting, feed and water quality, ventilation, and disease, are all factors that you need to consider when caring for your animals.

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