Genetic Services

Using profitable genetics through high Balanced Performance Index (BPI$) and Net Merit (NM$) sires within a herd's breeding program will deliver a greater dollars return per cow including improved feed efficiency.

The ABS focus is on profitable traits for production, health and quality conformation to breed profitable cows for the Australian dairy industry.

These programs:

  1. Help to speed up your genetic improvement to allow you to unlock the full potential of your herd.
  2. Help you to improve labor efficiency. This is a growing issue that will be more important in the coming years as the supply and costs become more challenging. Issues like having a higher cull rate, a full hospital pen and mastitis are problems that add unneeded expense, impacting on your business' bottom line.
  3. Are focused on long-term value through producing healthy, efficient, profitable cattle. Sustainability and animal welfare are ever present messages being fed down the supply chain to producers.
  4. Can help you better measure your herd performance and help you manage where to put your resources to maximise your output and bottom line profit.

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ABS Genetic Services

The global leader in bovine genetics, ABS Global, is dedicated to bringing you scientifically-sound, elite genetics for your herd. Our dedication to you doesn’t end there. ABS realizes that in order for you to recognize the most Profit From Genetic Progress, your genetic investment must be implemented deliberately and strategically. That’s why we’re excited to offer a completely reimagined portfolio of Genetic Services.

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