GMS 2.0


Celebrating 50 Years of GMS®

July 2018 marks 50 years since ABS Global launched the Genetic Management System® (GMS®) to the world. Now, five decades, 50-plus countries and 100 million animals later, GMS is still going strong. This innovative mating program offers sound, unbiased mating selections based on economically important production, health and type traits as determined by the customer. In celebration of this milestone, we will be posting a series of videos here and on our social platforms. Thanks for letting us celebrate 50 years of GMS with you!

ABS Australia was pleased to announce the launch of GMS 2.0 in November 2016 and is excited to offer this industry leading breeding system that is supported by our team that was trained at the GMS training school in the USA. For more information, please contact your usual ABS representative or directly with the GMS team of Matt Aikenhead 0447 583 311, Bill Morgan 0459 239 113 or Brian Enbom 0459 239 344. 


Genetics are Improving. So Should Your Mating Program.

We are excited to introduce GMS 2.0 – a completely new, redesigned mating program built with you in mind.

Since 1968, the Genetic Management System® (GMS®) has been providing a comprehensive system that optimizes genetic progress and simplifies the breeding process. Since the very first mating nearly 50 years ago, GMS has processed over 80 million mating recommendations, more than any other company. GMS 2.0 was introduced in 2016, and continues to offer sound, unbiased mating selections based on economically important production, health, and type traits for longer-lasting, more profitable cows.


We know one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer over 150 different ways you can customize GMS 2.0 to work for you. (And that’s before we add any bulls!) 

We call them Customer Controlled Breeding Options, because that’s exactly what they are – breeding objectives and goals that are tailored for your specific operation.



These types of questions can help you and your ABS Representative determine the proper Production Option (5 options to choose from) and Conformation Option (5 options to choose from, including our new ROBOT specific option) for you.

Next, you will determine how you want to rank the emphasis of your herd – don’t worry! – all three of these items are considered – but you can determine which one(s) are most important to you.


Rank the Emphasis

Next, you will determine how you want to rank the emphasis of your herd – don’t worry! – all three of these items are considered – but you can determine which one(s) are most important to you.

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Inbreeding Level Management

Some things will always come standard. GMS 2.0 continues to help in managing inbreeding levels, and offers the most complete protection against detrimental recessives, haplotypes, and genetic saturation. 


Looking to gain more value from your genomic results?

Look no further. GMS 2.0 can now utilize your genomic results to provide more accurate mating recommendations than ever before. What is better about it?


Genomic Inbreeding

  • Did you know that every AI company calculates inbreeding differently? This makes it impossible to compare inbreeding percentages calculated by different companies for your herd. But with Genomic Inbreeding, the percentage of common genes found on an animal’s genome is reported. Finally, a true indication of inbreeding! When using genomics in GMS 2.0, the genomic inbreeding percentages is utilized so you can manage the inbreeding in your herd with more precision than ever before.

Removal of phenotypic bias

  • The phenotype of an animal is a combination of her genetics with her environment. This combination determines how healthy she is, how big she grows, and how much milk she produces. However, only her genetics will be passed onto her offspring – she cannot pass along all the environmental factors that have impacted her throughout her life. Utilizing an animal’s genomic information provides more accuracy, precision, and removes any possibility of phenotypic bias from affecting the mating recommendation.


Your animals genomic values will never be outdated.

  • The genomic values for your animals have changed since you first received the results. In fact, they change every 4 months as the genomic database gets updated with additional information. With GMS 2.0, you can be confident that the genomic values we are using are the most recent and accurate values available.

It’s simple.

  • No need to provide us with the large, cumbersome files you received from your genomic testing provider. No need to shuffle through the stacks of paper and mail on the desk in the barn to give us your genomic results. The only number we need is the permanent ID the animals were genomic tested with. Often times this is a registration number, RFID number, or another common permanent identification number you already have. That’s it – you provide us one number, and we will take care of the rest.

Would you plant corn if you could never harvest it?

Would you make an investment if you could never reap the benefits? How can you measure progress without being able to see it?

GMS 2.0 offers 14 different customizable reports so you can watch your herd make genetic progress right in front of your eyes. Reports are also available to help you manage your semen inventory, monitor inbreeding, and visualize the progress your herd is making for production, health, and type traits.


Since the beginning, GMS has consistently provided more mating recommendations than any other company, making it the most trusted mating program in the world.

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Interested in seeing how GMS 2.0 can give you unprecedented power to shape the future of your herd?

Contact your ABS Representative today to learn more.

Your ABS Representative will work with you to:

  • Establish your goals
  • Determine YOUR Customer Controlled Breeding Options
  • Gather all relevant information, such as pedigrees and animal data
  • Provide matings in as little as 5 minutes*

*actual time may vary