GMS Testimonials

Russell McAuliffe, 200 cows, Gympie, Qld, Australia
 "I have never known a program so easy, the time it saves and how it takes the guesswork out of breeding cows... Why didn't I GMS my cows years ago?"

Euguene Rae, 250 cows, Mepunga, Vic, Australia
 "We have been using the GMS program for about 10 years and we select bulls with a focus on type.  Our heifers are now a very even line, with very few that we don't like.  We classify all our cows and the last two herd classifications have been 5 points above breed average."

Mark and Sam Billing, 400 cows, Colac, Vic, Australia
 "We have been using GMS for 11 years now and we are very happy with the quality of heifers that come through every year.  The whole process of having cows assessed and getting the sire recommendations is very easy.  The assessors are easy to work with and keep the whole thing stress-free."

Julie Sutherland, 240 cows, Strathmerton, Vic, Australia
 "We find GMS a real essential part in growing our investment in our herd.  We have selected Net Merit & Durability because we really want to focus on trouble-free cows with improved fertility and cell count.  The reports are very easy for the farm manager to follow, especially when we aren't always at the farm."

Phil Daniel, 140 cows, Nathalia, Vic., Australia
 "I have always used bulls from all companies and I like the flexibility GMS provides in allowing me to use all types of bulls, proven and genomic.  It's easy to mate cows based on type traits you want to improve, but when you then try and look at health traits and inbreeding, it is too hard to keep all that in your head.  GMS gives me peace of mind in my mating decisions."

John Hay, 600 cows, Blighty, NSW, Australia
 "We use GMS in our 600-cow herd.  We operate with very limited labour and use TAI programs to get our cows pregnant.  Loading the GMS report into Jantec has allowed the technician to quickly identify what cow is bred to what sire and we have mated over 300 in one milking.  GMS gives us the confidence that we are making the correct breeding decisions."

Reuben Schlonger, Legacy Farms, Shell Lake, Wi, United States
 "We have been utilizing GMS for over 20 years. With this long standing relationship, I have been privileged to see the genetic progress being made within our herd through several generations. In its entirety, the cows in our herd are more consistent, and we have made tremendous progress in the type of udders and feet and legs our cows possess."

Chris Flux, Herdsman for Saddlers Wood Dairy, GMS since 1996 - Stockbridge, United Kingdom
 "GMS provides an honest evaluation of the cattle and stops you from focusing on one or two bulls that look good but may not be right for the herd. Our cows are now uniform and easy to manage and the heifers are some of the best animals in the herd. The improvement in that group has been really noticeable in the past three years. GMS and profitability go hand-in-hand, our cows are easy to manage and the herd has improved in ways that you can't put a financial figure on."

Cal and Vick Williams, Williams Brothers, GMS since 2001 - Barneveld, Wisconsin, United States
“We can’t understand why anybody wouldn’t want to use GMS, IT REALLY WORKS. We really like the udders and feet / legs on the current cows and all of the heifers that are calving look really good. We can really see improvement and consistency in the herd.”

Luciano Sarvacinski, GMS since 2000, 100% ABS -  Santa Catarina, Brazil
"Fernando Sarvacinski, Luciano’s son, stated, “GMS brought value to our herd with increased milk production, uniformity and an overall higher quality cow.  Today, we have first lactation heifers starting their lactation exceeding 35 kg a day, and in 2007 we were recognized as the Best Breeder and Exhibitor at the Santa Catarina state show!”

Eileen, Chuck, Gary, and Troy Ripp, Owners of Ripp’s Dairy Valley, 700 cows, GMS since 2000 -  Dane, Wisconsin, United States
 “Our dairy has gone through 3 expansions since starting with ABS and still have a sensational looking herd of cows. We want to be milking these cows 3 to 5 years from now. I do not have the time or knowledge to look through all the sires. I know that I want sires that produce good udders and feet & legs and I let GMS do its job.”

Jan Noordegraaf GMS since 2001 - Neto-Arapoti, PR, Brazil
 "I've been on GMS for 7 years, and the very first thing that made me look for GMS was the reliability on ABS Service and the Inbreeding Control that GMS provides.  I've noticed more and more uniformity in my herd, mainly on Udders improvement.  The program has speeded up all the mating work and the recomendations are very easy to use"

Andrew Cozens, Alkerton Green Farm, GMS since 1996 - Easington, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
 "I am extremely pleased with the results. I am now using GMS in conjunction with RMS and I find that the systems work well together. GMS has helped to correct the faults within the herd, the cows have improved in both conformation and production. GMS saves me time and is very fair as it allows me to choose a wide range of bulls and the system selects the bulls that best suit my cows."

Wim and Hennie Van de Brake of Thornspyc Dairy, 400 cows, GMS since 2003 - Neerlandia, Alberta, Canada
"Thornspyc Dairy began classifying the herd in 2000 and utilizing supervised DHI testing in June 2003.  “We currently have a Rolling Herd Average (RHA) of 11,063 kg (24,338 lbs.) with 3.6% Fat and 3.0% Protein.  Highlights from the last herd classification include nine new VG cows, of which six were homebred and one was first lactation, and 72.5% of the herd is now classified GP or better.”

Virgil and Kevan Paar, GMS since 2000 - Cross Plains, Wisconsin, United States
 "We formerly used a competitor program, but didn’t see the results we wanted. The ABS heifers look a lot better than the competitor’s animals. There’s a world of difference. The udders, feet and legs, and temperament are so much better.”

Doug Heintz, Owner Heintz Badger Valley Farm, 80 cow herd, GMS since 1983 - Caledonia, Minnesota, United States
 “In the last 10 years we have been able to market between 20 and 30 milk cows per year for dairy purposes. I hear back from these farmers that they still have the cows that I sold them 6 to 7 years later.”

Orlando Cella and wife, Cledia Nielande, 200 cows, GMS since 2004 - Santa Catarina, Brazil
 They began farming four years ago and have utilized GMS from the start.  Today, they milk 200 cows and represent the highest milk average per cow in their region. Orlando stated, “The 75 cows we originally bought when we began farming were a result of GMS matings.  The breeder of the cows recommended using GMS, and we soon realized it was something we couldn’t go without.”

Barry Pavlat, Kinnard Farms, GMS since 2000 - Casco, Wisconsin, United States
Barry’s always talking about how easy it is for ABS to be on his farm. “I like the fact that they come and do ‘their thing’ without bothering or interrupting our schedule. I trust the rep and GMS evaluator to make all the mating and bull selections for our 1,000+ dairy.”

Barry Wood, Herd Manager for Home Farm, GMS since 1999 - Basingstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom
"The herd is better in every way imaginable; since using GMS, milk yield, body condition, feet and legs have all improved. The daily milk yield was 2,500, with the help of GMS, it has increased to 6,000 litres and the heifers coming into the herd are more consistent."