Can heifers be mated?

Heifers can be mated using the GMS Genomate program or the GMS program. The GMS Genomate option allows heifers to be mated based on their pedigree only. The customer can provide GMS 3 generations of pedigree and we can protect for inbreeding and recessives. The GMS option would use the body trait scores along with the pedigree information to develop a mating recommendation. Your GMS Evaluator and you can further discuss these two options to determine which would best suit your operation to meet your herd goals.

How many generations are used to calculate inbreeding?

The GMS program uses 7 generations to calculate the inbreeding level when provided the Sire, Maternal Grand Sire and Maternal Great Grand Sire. Using the paternal and maternal side to calculate inbreeding, GMS has the most in-depth inbreeding tree for greater inbreeding protection. With one of the largest bovine databases, GMS is able to cross reference bulls using either registration numbers from various countries or NAAB numbers to identify all bull ID's that are available.

Can I develop the type of cow I want for my facility?

The GMS program has 30 different combinations available to help customize and produce the offspring that works best for each customer’s facility and dairying needs. We understand that not every dairy is the same. Your GMS Evaluator will work with you to determine which options fit best to develop the type of cow you are looking to milk in 3 years and beyond to help you meet your herd goals.

Is production included in the mating?

The GMS program does use production data when it is supplied. Production values are then used in calculating the Herd Percentile Ranking (HPR) which determines the mating sequence of the herd. The production value can be obtained either from an on-farm software program using the relative value or the ME305 value. GMS is also able to obtain production information from various herd recording programs from around the world.

Are any health and fitness traits used in the mating calculation?

Health and Fitness traits such as Somatic Cell Score, Daughter Pregnancy Rate, Productive Life, etc are used in the mating calculation. They are specifically used in our conformation formula, Durability. This formula is designed to specifically emphasize the health and fitness traits to develop a longevity cow with minimal health concerns that gets breed back easily.

Can the matings be loaded with my on-farm software program?

GMS recommendations can be loaded into almost any on-farm software program. We have a file that can easily be imported directly into these programs by your ABS Representative, GMS Evaluator or the customer. The file is easily accessible through a website that is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week immediately after your herd is processed or we can e-mail it directly to you.