ABS Global Graduates Diverse Class of Sires; Launches Icons™

Aug 14

MADISON, WI, U.S.A. — ABS Global today graduated 18 sires and launched 12 Icon Sires™ to give ABS customers worldwide choice in their breeding programs. Topping the list of grads was 29HO17941 ABS RAIDEN-ET with a 990 NM$ and 2745 TPI®.

“We’re pleased to launch a strong proven class and to have a powerful genomic line of Icon Sires to offer to our many markets,” said Katie Olson, Global Director Dairy Product Development, ABS Global. “Today we have a lineup that works in most any market. We are excited to offer much of that lineup in the form of Sexcel®, therefore providing our global customers the choice they need and want.”

RAIDEN is joined by Holstein graduate sires: 29HO18076 ASTON29HO18109 BIXBY29HO17944 BOURBON29HO18077 COLEMAN29HO18018 DANCER29HO18043 HARVEST29HO18078 HAYES-P29HO18091 HOMEBREW29HO18136 KEENAN29HO18073 KIMBALL*RC29HO18006 MANSFIELD29HO18173 MARGIN29HO18119 MORRIS29HO18131 SHRIEK29HO17918 SKYFALL, and 29HO18166 SIZZLER, and Jersey 29JE4044 BARRICADE.

ABS Global continued to strengthen its Icon Sire program with the launch of several strong sires. Icon Sires introduced today include Holstein sires 29HO18960 ACURA29HO19060 ADMIRAL29HO19072 FYNN29HO17454 INVICTUS29HO19099 JURASSIC29HO19093 ONIEDA29HO17474 PARTY TIME29HO19117 PENSACOLA29HO19188 POSEIDON29HO19087 SELTZER29HO19156 THATBOY, and 29HO19105 YUCATAN.

“It’s great to see the sons of ABS sires JOSUPERMONTEREYSILVER and ACHIEVER do so well today,” added Ryan Starkenburg, Senior Geneticist Dairy Strategy, ABS Global. “As we look at the 30 sires named today, we see these strong ABS families really diversifying the ABS market offering and impacting the industry as a whole.”

Highly sought-after 29JE4117 WESTPORT {5} and 29JE4137 DALTON-P continue to lead the Jersey offering as Icon Sires. “The release of new sires like 29JE4138 OZUNA {3} and 29JE4145 GROVER {4} showcase the pedigree and trait diversity that we strive to provide to our customers to improve their bottom lines through genetics,” said ABS Global Jersey Sire Analyst Aaron Horst.

St. Jacobs had an impressive day, boasting 25 bulls over 3.0 PTAT and 16 bulls over 3.0 Udder Composite, explained Brian Behnke, St. Jacobs Business Manager. “The bulls in our line-up are continuing to have an impact now that they bring production and health to go along with their impressive pedigrees and high actual proven performance,” he added.

For more information on Icon Sires, go to www.absglobal.com/icon-sires or talk with your ABS representative today. You can also learn more about ABS graduates at ABS Bull Search.

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