Reproductive performance is one of the most important economic traits in cattle production. High profit producers are always the ones with the highest rate of reproduction in the herd.

It’s important to manage the herd in a way that has as many females conceiving in the first 30 days of the breeding season as possible. At ABS Global, we like to call this the 30-Day Game Changer.

This 30-day window allows you to gain the increased value of calves born early in the calving season. For example, if you have a 75-day calving season, which is an acceptable length of time, calves born in the first 30 days will most likely outperform calves born later – whether that is at weaning, yearling or at harvest. 

Artificial Insemination (AI) paired with synchronization, also known as Fixed Time AI, can give all yearling replacement heifers the opportunity to become pregnant on the first day of the breeding season. 

There are also many tools that help you identify cows that are not pregnant or that would get pregnant late in the breeding season. Removing these cows from the herd helps increase overall reproductive performance because only cows that can conceive early in the breeding season are kept.

By understanding when and how to get your cows pregnant, ABS has developed programs and protocols to help beef breeders achieve the highest efficiency on reproductive performance.

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