Dairy Crossbreeding

ABS offers a dairy crossbreeding solution that gives you more, faster. It is a tailor-made dairy crossbreeding program created for your unique herd situation.

With the wide variety of herd environments, nutrition, milk buyers and management, there is no “one-size-fits-all” breeding program. So, ABS has developed a customized dairy crossbreeding program to fit your herd.

More than that, we’ve got the people, the experience and the support to help you and your team manage your crossbreeding program, ensuring you get the best possible results.

Plus, as a full-service provider, we’ve got the products and services to ensure your reproductive program delivers maximum results and profitability.

What are the advantages of dairy crossbreeding?

  1. Take advantage of the superior traits of various breeds. For example, Jerseys excel in solids production and Norwegian Reds have exceptional fertility and health. Using these breed advantages makes substantial, sustainable improvements in your herd. This is called “complementarity” or using breeds that will best deliver the herd you need.
  2. Heterosis or Hybrid Vigor is the “free benefit” of crossbreeding that enhances performance, particularly in the fertility and health traits. Improved fertility, health and longevity contributes to increased profitability and an easier to manage herd.
  3. Change your herd faster. Taking advantage of the significant differences between breeds gives you the power to improve your herd more quickly. For example, using Jersey on Holstein can dramatically drop weight and stature in just one generation, creating a more efficient herd of cows.

Our team can help you achieve your herd goals faster by planning and creating a customized dairy crossbreeding breeding program for your herd. 

Get started building your crossbred herd.