Crossbreeding with Jersey 

Commercial dairy producers typically cite two reasons for starting to crossbreed their Holstein herd to Jersey which are: 

  • Eliminate calving problems on their virgin heifers 
  • Increase fat and protein % in the milk they produce 

These profit-oriented dairy producers using dairy crossbreeding report many additional research proven benefits, including: 

  • Improved reproductive performance 
  • Healthier animals 
  • Improved hoof health 
  • Increased longevity 
  • Reduced dry matter intake and better feed efficiency 

Holstein x Jersey Crossbreds as known as HoJos 

Many large, profit-motivated dairy producers are currently milking HoJos and are experiencing the increased profitability these small, efficient cows produce. 

In many cases, producers follow a  two-way cross, alternating between Jersey and Holstein. While this is a simple system, many producers fall into the trap of if she looks like a Holstein, breed her to Jersey, and if she looks like a Jersey breed her to Holstein. This approach reduces heterosis and increases variation within the herd.

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