St. Jacobs

Choose St. Jacobs for Type Without Compromise

But, what exactly does that mean?  

ABS wants to offer bulls to the marketplace that not only make beautiful cows but make cows that are very productive and fertile. The goal of the St. Jacobs brand is to create cows that last longer, are more profitable, and of course, are just good to look at.

St. Jacobs is our way to push ourselves to make better cows. Our industry is continually changing which impacts the type of cows you as dairy producers need to create to remain efficient and profitable. Thus, ABS Global continues to invest in the best genetics through our St. Jacobs program to give you the opportunity to build cows that are better than last year and better than five years before that. We take great pride in working with you to develop a herd full of long living, high performing, fertile, and healthy cows. 

Discover the St. Jacobs program that fits your needs! 

Linear Choice 

For the commercial dairyman, we developed Linear Choice. These sires are selected strategically based on their ability to create balanced cows that work in commercial dairies. This lineup includes sires featuring right side linears that will generate moderate size cows with strong production and health traits. Form meets function with Linear Choice! 

St. Jacobs Choice 

Trust in St. Jacobs Choice to deliver type without compromise. St. Jacobs Choice was born after the fusion of Judge’s Choice and Breeder’s Choice. Those of you may remember that Judge’s Choice is how St. Jacobs got started with a primary focus on show type animals. Over time, selection began to focus on great functional type but with better production and health traits, thus, Breeder’s Choice evolved. The combination of two foundational lineups in one program is your opportunity to create functional cows who you’ll love to look at.   

Red and White Choice 

Our Red and White Choice program is stacked with sires tracing back to the most elite Red and White cow families in the breed. With this program, we mix the best of today’s Black and White genetics into the Red and White population. However, all sires in the lineup are Red and White.  

Jersey Choice 

Jersey Choice is your opportunity to use some of the most elite Jersey genetics. Similar to St. Jacobs Choice, Jersey Choice strives to deliver type without compromise. This lineup is focused on providing for those customers interested in creating high type Jersey animals. Our Jersey Choice lineup includes sires with balanced genetics that have some production and health to go along with genomic type, specifically high Jersey Udder Index numbers.  

Component Collection 

Component Collection includes sires from the Brown Swiss, Ayrshire, and Guernsey breeds. Much like the rest of the St. Jacobs product offerings, these sires are selected from their respective breed’s most elite genetic lines. It is important to note that the Component Collection program is not a one you can enroll in.   

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